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RJM Corporation Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit.

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NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 23, 2002

RJM Corporation ("RJM"), a global provider of innovative technologies for power generating utilities and industrial plants as well as a leading provider of NOx control technologies for fossil fuel fired boilers and internal combustion engines, has settled its patent infringement litigation with Advanced Combustion Technology ("ACT").

On April 19, 2001, RJM instituted a civil action in a Federal Court in the District of Connecticut against ACT for infringing RJM's patents covering systems and methods for improving the performance of a coal burner by stabilizing a flame using a vortex generator. In that case, RJM alleged that ACT was making, using, selling and/or offering for sale products and systems covered by its patents.

RJM and ACT resolved this dispute and a settlement was ordered by Judge Alvin W. Thompson on January 24, 2002. In the settlement, ACT agreed that it would not violate RJM's patents and it is required to provide its customers who purchase a vane cascade stabilizer with the following advisory note:

"The air registers cannot be operated such that the supplied swirler operates to deswirl the airflow entering into the swirler."

Be advised that if your company purchases a vane cascade flame stabilizer from ACT, you must make sure that the air register doors of the coal burner in which your flame stabilizer is installed are oriented in the full radial position. If you fail to do so, your burner system may be in violation of RJM's patents.

About RJM Corporation

Since the company's inception in 1977, the RJM name has become synonymous with the "new thinking" behind innovative energy technologies. RJM's engineers lead the field, offering some of the most effective technologies available today for reducing NOx emissions from fossil fuel fired boilers. In 2002, RJM celebrates its 25th anniversary and the bringing into compliance of more than 50,000 MW of North American power generation capacity. The company also launched its latest technology, the RJM-LT that achieves 90% NOx reduction without the use of an SCR.

RJM Corporation's initial focus on combustion and emissions control engineering for utility and industrial boilers created a reputation for introducing breakthrough technologies. RJM was: first with burner add-ons for NOx emission control, first with practical low NOx fuel oil atomizers for tangential-fired utility and industrial boilers, first with front-end NOx tempering systems and first with second-generation NOx emission control technology. With its new NOx reduction ARIS Technology for diesel and natural gas engines, RJM's spectrum of innovative energy technologies continues to lead the way. In 2001, the company opened its international division in Winchester, UK.

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Date:Apr 23, 2002
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