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RJM Announces Major Expansion of Emission Technologies Brand for Large Reciprocating Engines.

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NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 12, 2002

RJM Corporation, the fastest-growing brand of emission control technology for stationary reciprocating engines will enhance its product offering through the launch of the RJM A3 SCR System(TM).

This SCR technology is geared towards achieving upto 98% NOx reduction in addition to CO and HC reductions on large stationary reciprocating engines at an affordable compliance cost.

Making the announcement, Robert W. Monro, Vice President, RJM Corporation said. "The RJM A3 SCR System(TM) is specifically designed for dual fuel engines that require a large turn down ratio of reagent flow. The system modulates the urea flow over a turndown rate of 40:1, making it the technology of choice for large reciprocating engines over 3,000 hp."

The technology is designed around RJM's unique atomizer and controls technology. The atomizer is custom built to the engine requirements and tested utilizing a Laser Doppler beam for droplet size and spray quality. The control system is PLC based utilizing Allen Bradley SLC components.

According to Ravi Krishnan, Director, Planning & Marketing, "The RJM A3 SCR System(TM) will make power production costs from large diesel & gas reciprocating engines more competitive in the market place. The overall NOx removal efficiency of the system coupled with the capital and operating cost savings over competing NOx reduction technologies will lower compliance costs and generate significant production cost savings for the consumer."

About RJM Corporation

Established in 1977, RJM Corporation is a leading provider of NOx reduction technologies for both utility boilers and reciprocating engines with more than 50,000 MW of NOx compliance experience and 300 utility & industrial customers. The RJM Advanced Technology Group is an industry leader for NOx control on reciprocating engines through the RJM-ARIS(TM) SCR Technology. RJM installed more than 100 ARIS(TM) SCR systems on reciprocating engines in 2001. During the same year, the company opened its international division in Winchester, UK.

For more information on the RJM A3 SCR System(TM) and other NOx reduction technologies contact:

Ravi Krishnan

Director, Planning & Marketing

RJM Corporation

501 Merritt Seven

Norwalk, CT 06851


Phone: 203 846 8900 x 104

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 12, 2002
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