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Articles from RISTI (Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao) (September 1, 2016)

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A multi index measurement model of PE class teaching levels based on fuzzy system theory. Zhang, Pengjie; Zhang, Yu; Yang, Haoyu 2757
A performance analysis model of the ideological and political education in colleges and universities based on the extension classification method. Guo, Hao; Yan, Yilan 3550
A research on the college English teaching pattern from the view of inter-cultural communication. Zhang, Li 2593
A review of research methods on mobile technology adoption. Huang, Yiwei; Jin, Yongsheng; Liu, Bing 3421
An efficient access selection algorithm based on improved genetic algorithm in cognitive networks. Zhendong, Wang; Elin, Chen; Zhongdong, Hu; Wei, Wen; Qiang, Zhu 3910
Analysis of informatization evaluation on preschool education specialty in Universities. Wang, Xiaoli 2048
Computer algorithms and their applications. Shao, Fei 189
Computer-aided foreign language teaching mode. Wang, Jian 2600
Criterios editoriales/Criterios editoriais. 270
Development and study of electric performance support system for capacity development of educational technology of teachers from institutions of higher learning. Li, JinZhen; Peng, Geng 2587
Diagnostic research on wireless sensor network fault based on multicore wavelet relevance vector. Wu, Bin; Luo, Jian; Yang, Chaoyu 3872
Engine dynamic characteristics research based on experiment and computer numerical simulation. Jing, Yinping; Cui, Zhiqin; Huang, Kun; Liu, Zhen; Liu, Wei; Dong, Xinling 3973
Evaluation of optimal educational model related to folk music in China with fuzzy preference relations. Chen, Rong 3612
Factors affecting the new sales channel of agricultural products in China based on the development of computer and internet technology. He, Yajing; Zhang, Xiaheng; Wu, Yuxuan 2844
Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on ELMD and IGK clustering. Zhang, Xu; Yang, Shuaijie; Wang, Huihui; Tao, Xueheng 2161
Industrial economy performance evaluation method based on the hybrid PCA/DEA model. Xie, Qinghua 2425
Intelligent early-warning analysis of financial risk of listing corporation based on improved neural network algorithm. Niu, Xiufen 3054
Minimal spanning tree analysis of topological structures: the case of Hang Seng index. Zhang, Wei; Wen, Jianbo; Zhu, Yanchun 3511
Path construction for group companies accounting information transferring based on XBRL and cloud computing technology. Fang, Jiamin 2821
PCRD--OPT algorithm improvement based on logarithm function form in the JPEG2000. Feng, Luoming; Lang, Mouming 2673
Pickup and distribution center estimation model of fresh agricultural products based on computer simulation. Liu, Zheng; Zhao, Yuan-jun; Zhang, Na-na; He, Si-meng 4102
Research on cross border e-commerce logistics service based on improved AHP algorithm. Liu, Ying 2446
Research on current situation of moral construction for contemporary college students under the perspective of computer network on case study of Yao-moral culture. Limin, Gu; Changqiu, Zeng 4927
Research on customer satisfaction measurement and influence factors of fitness club based on large data. Xiang, Zheng 2885
Research on enterprise knowledge management system based on computer big data processing. Lu, Jiangdong 2648
Research on PCA evaluation model of the agricultural circular economy development in Heilongjiang based on data mining province. xujun, Zhai; Kexin, Bi 3596
Research on the college music course ranking based on the improved TOPSIS method. Zhang, Yang; Xing, Jie 2573
Research on the college student ideological education under the network public opinion environment based on the computer platform. Xie, Jiaqi; Ge, Chao 2653
Research on the comprehensive evaluation model of the physical education based on the grey clustering analysis method. Zhang, Pengjie; Zhang, Yu; Yang, Haoyu 2494
Research on the extension model for subdivision of postsecondary students' comprehensive ability. Xie, Jiaqi; Ge, Chao 3197
Research on the implementation strategy and the comprehensive fuzzy evaluation model of entrepreneurship education for college students. Li, Cun; Xie, Jiaqi 3104
Research on the influencing factors of the college music teaching satisfaction. Zhang, Yang; Xing, Jie 3080
Research on the innovative approach for teaching Russian based on the computer network platform. Jia, Wang 4909
Research on the multi-dimension ideological and political education of college students based on computer platform. Lin, Ling; Hai, Sun Report 2591
Research on the relationship between corporate philanthropy and corporate value from the financing constraints perspective via computer software. Han, Dongping; Guo, Caicai; Yuan, Bei 4034
Research on the selection mechanism of entrepreneurial platform and opportunity based on the analysis of computer algorithm. Niu, Qian 3226
Research on the teaching quality evaluation model in colleges and universities based on Probabilistic Neural Network. Li, Cun; Xie, Jiaqi 2643
SMEs credit evaluation in the e-commerce supply chain financing model. Xu, Kun; Ding, Huiping; Bao, Xinzhong 5092
The application in basketball technical actions analysis by data mining. Zhang, Pengjie; Xu, Xu; Wang, Ning 3685
The applied study of psychological tests and brain-computer interfaces on selection of Antarctic explorers. Rui, Yin; Gonggu, Yan; Huang, Lu Report 4554
The selection of self-employment of home-going peasant-workers based on big data analysis. Tian, Tao; An, DaoQin; Jiang, JiaSheng; Zhang, ShiYun; Jing, Ding 4293
TSP based approaches to flow shop scheduling problem. Wang, Jun; Liu, Lingdi; Wang, Jing 4454

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