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Articles from RISTI (Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao) (October 15, 2016)

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A comparative study on economic development in the suburbs of Shanghai: based on computer comprehensive evaluation method. Jun, Ge 4556
A stochastic dominance test for the efficiency of program trading algorithm. Shi, Lelai; Kang, Canhua 5577
Algorithms, the key to the door of wisdom. Wang, Tichun 269
An algorithm of pressure drop prediction in vertical pipes based on test data. Guo, Qianjian; Qi, Xiaoni 3734
Application of GA-based projection pursuit model in the comprehensive evaluation of governance level of "peasant-to-citizen" community. Liu, Wei; Wu, Zhijiang; Liu, Yaobin; Xu, Yunyong; Le, Jianming 5400
Application research on ELM-based English writing competence evaluation model in college English teaching and learning. Hu, Guoqiang; Chen, Yi 4310
Comparative study on three-dimensional reconstruction of wheel surface by FTP and WTP methods. Zhang, Yu; Chen, Rui; Hu, Jiayuan; Wang, Haiqing; Ding, Zhengyin 2460
Cross-cultural awareness in college English teaching based on computer multimedia technology. Zhang, Yongqiang; Wu, Xiujun; Jia, Limin 3882
Data mining of cultural and creative talents on the association relationship between creative behavior and motivation factors. Chang, Xiaolan; Zhao, Yongle 3470
Design of the information service push system for prevention and control of fruit trees diseases and insect pests. Yun, Qu; Bu, Tao 2690
Egg signals recognition based on LMD and relevance vector machine. Ma, Ruijin; Zhang, Huisheng 2503
Empirical research of college English teaching mode based on computer network. Chen, Lingyu 4283
Empirical study for factors of customer satisfaction based on B2C online shopping. Guo, Tao; Wu, Chao Report 2917
How to curtail controlling shareholders' capital expropriation: evidence from IT firms in economy. Quan, Lin; Zhou, Jun 2365
Hybrid generalized function projective delay synchronization in complex dynamical networks via feedback control. Dai, Yue 2008
Multi-dimensional outliers detection method based on RBF neural network model. Guo, Yudong; Li, Shenglin; Deng, Ren; Qi, Lei; Zhang, Heng; Li, Yongzhi 3985
On teaching reform of college English based on mobile learning. Xie, Yajun 3568
Organization learning, knowledge management and value co-creation: a fuzzy-set analysis. Li, Jiyin 4270
Power network structure evaluation based on voltage sag and network loss. Ma, Li; Zhou, Qian 2315
Practice study of the teaching of urban planning and architectural design assisted by computer. Li, Huan; Jiao, Yinghui; Feng, Zhenyi 3890
Primary education major curriculum system of new universities. Li, Guang 3363
Research of DHCP flooding attack detection technology based on improved wavelet analysis method. Wu, Kehe; Li, Yi; Chen, Long; An, Sicheng 4907
Research on Chinese word segmentation based on matrix restraint. Liu, Fangmei; Wang, Pengyuan; Cai, Zengyu Report 5551
Research on effect of social contact of computer network on interpersonal relationship of student and countermeasures. Li, Ying; Zhang, Jiajing 3455
Research on influence of information technology strengthening on college student management work under computer network environment. Yu, Yang; Huo, Suyan 3845
Research on multi-parties competition and cooperation in mobile payment market. Zhong, Minghua 3071
Research on problems existed in political education & ideological education in colleges and universities and countermeasures based on computer network. Zhao, Ming; Xie, Jiaqi; Zhao, Lingyun 3708
Research on promotion of teaching quality with a new physical education teaching mode based on virtual reality. Yu, Ying; Yan, Baodong 2761
Research on the precise design of green buildings based on BIM technology--taking the ecological sponge exhibition center of Yuelai new town of Chongqing City as an example. Dong, Lili; Yang, Liping; Liu, Bin; Li, Haiyue 5335
Research on the spatial pattern evolution of the inclusive development of Jiangxi Province's new urbanization from the ecological environment perspective--spatial econometrics analysis based on provincial panel data. Liu, Wei; Wu, Zhijiang; Liu, Yaobin 4515
Statistical analysis in transmission lines based on the Quasi-Monte Carlo method. Tong, Xunqian; Lin, Jun; Wang, Tianhao Report 4785
Study on "people-oriented" college students management. Wang, Hongying; Zhang, Lifang Report 3422
Study on ecological efficiency prediction for industrial park based on rough set reduction algorithm and support vector machine method. Jiang, Shuibin; Jiang, Shen 2708
Study on the effect of customer participation on innovation performance in Chinese IT industry. Li, Kang; Huang, Hui 4391
Study on thought and countermeasures of ideological and political education of university students aided by computers. Xie, Jiaqi; Zhao, Ming; Zhang, Miao 3560
System development and realization of computer-aided clothing remote design. Song, Cuimei 3351
The application of the improved NMF and LDA combining algorithm in face recognition. Jia, Limin; Wang, Shuangyou; Zhang, Yongqiang 2553
The design and realization of a campus roaming system based on virtual reality technology. Ma, Yanbin; Ma, Hu; Geng, Peng 3227
The quantitative model of the product style based on eye tracking technique and Fourier decomposition. Yuan, Guoshu; Cun, Wenzhe; Xie, Qingsheng; Lyu, Jian; Pan, Weijie 3336
The research on the college physical education teaching quality evaluation based on the IAHP method. Xu, Fenghong 2161
Vacancy tax levying algorithm and system design. Chen, Chao; Ping, Jian 2418

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