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Articles from RISTI (Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao) (March 30, 2016)

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Title Author Type Words
A study on the design of computer-assisted learning system of English vocabulary based on associative memory method. Li, Xiaoxuan 4936
A test system for airborne computers based on PCI data acquisition cards and virtual instruments. Shuhua, Duan 5408
An analysis of entrepreneurial management system architecture for university students. Dong, ZhiShang 3552
Analysis focusing on intrusion detection technology when an outside party breaks into computer database. Duan, Tao 4970
Art modular education research based on computer platform. WangZheng 3081
Badminton training auxiliary teaching system performance analysis based on artificial intelligence. Bin, Zhou 6996
Based on double two out of two interlocking system design of full-electronic computer railway station. Wu, Qin 3799
Biomechanical analysis on turnaround dribble in basketball. Baoquan, Hu; Zhigang, Dong 5265
Design and application of computer-aided English learning system. Xiuming, Chen 3212
Design and implementation of college students' entrepreneurship management system based on B/S structure. Kai, Zhao 3538
Design and research of ICAI based on cognitive student model. Fan, Huang; Guoyong, Lin 4350
Design of automobile internet marketing management platform based on B/S three layer structure. Tianli, Liu; Ying, Gu Report 4600
Exploration of e-commerce platform development based on web usage mining. Qiuyu, Pan 4436
Explorations of computer database intrusion detection technology targeting at external forced entry. Xiang-He, Wei; Hong, Zhang 3701
Multi dimension classification method for incomplete data based on Bayesian network learning algorithm. Zhang, Songjuan 5441
On the stereoscopic multi-dimension network platform of ideological and political work in university. Ning, Zhou; Jing, Zhang 4579
Recent advances in information intelligence: methods and applications. Xiong, Xiong; Ban, Aoru 235
Research and application of school computer-assisted sports management system. Yong, Gao; Jia, Li 4634
Research of computer-assisted English teaching system design based on constructivism. Liu, Xiaoxia; Wang, Hongmei 3881
Research of Hierarchical Random Graph Model based on maximum likelihood estimation. Shaoyan, Sun; Fengnan, Sun 4210
Research on an improved pedestrian detection method based on Deep Belief Network (DBN) classification algorithm. Kangming, Liu 3944
Research on college sports assistant educational administration model in combination with computer. Lei, Zhang 4203
Research on hierarchical tree structure of multi dimension data index in centralized environment. Wei, Lan; Hua, Lan; Dongling, Cai 4687
Research on QoS flow control method based on OpenFlow technology. Changhui, Chen 4071
Research on the construction of college students' e-commerce business based on MMC. Xiaobin, Li 4700
Research on the construction of engineering cost estimation system based on fuzzy prediction technology. Hou, Congxia 4093
Research on the education salary resources based on computer incentive mechanism mathematical model. Nan, Pang; Feng, Yan 3854
Research on the interactive platform of network ideological and political education in colleges and universities. MuMu; zhangjing 3589
Study on LAN-based computer-aided English teaching system framework. Ruijiao, Yuan 3981
Study on multimedia teaching platform of "Principles of Management" based on cloud computing. Fanrong, Meng; Zhang, Huizhong 3278
The training mode of performance specialty research based on computer platform. Jie, Tian 3435

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