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RIMS president makes plea for involvement.

RIMS President Makes Plea For Involvement

In opening the annual Florida Joint Educational RIMS Conference in Naples, RIMS President Robert Esenberg reminded risk managers that they cannot afford to ignore their responsibilities as the nation's most informed insurance consumers.

"We have a clear responsibility to participate in various public policy issue debates as they take place throughout the United States and Canada," he said.

As if to underscore Mr. Esenberg's remarks, 406 registrants--a new Florida conference record--were on hand to hear his plea for increased involvement in insurance issues on a local and national level. "We experienced a 35 percent gain in attendance from last year," affirmed James Taglia, chairman of the conference.

According to Mr. Esenberg, the risk manager's function is well known on a national level but not in the states and provinces. "Therefore, we must clearly identify ourselves and define our positions to educate local legislators, regulators and the general public," he said. "We must make them aware that we are not representing the positions and interests of 'consumerists' who claim they represent public or citizen interest. And we are not spokesman for the insurance industry!"

He said that even with well coordinated efforts among RIMS chapters, it is important to recognize that "we are only one voice." He exhorted attendees to develop relationships with groups that can help.
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Title Annotation:Risk and Insurance Management Society; Robert Esenberg
Author:Johnson, Tom
Publication:Risk Management
Date:Oct 1, 1991
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