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RIMS grants charter to 86th chapter.

The Executive Council has granted a charter to the Sacramento Valley Chapter, bringing the total number of RIMS chapters to 86.

According to Deborah Luthi, president of the new chapter, the time was right to start a chapter in Sacramento. "Until recently the city, as the seat of state government, has been very public agency oriented. But now a lot of private companies have relocated from the San Francisco area. Many risk managers have told me they are eager to participate in the new chapter."

Ms. Luthi also says instinct dictated that a chapter be formed in the Sacramento Valley. "A RIMS chapter in the state capitol might help us in lobbying legislative issues concerning risk management," she says.

To that end, the keynote speaker at their first chapter meeting will be Roxani Gillespie, former California insurance commissioner.

To help the chapter get off the ground, the board of directors of RIMS Golden Gate Chapter donated seed money" of $1,000. "We were pleased to help," says Lyn Sessions, president of the chapter. "Many of our members were too far away to take advantage of chapter meetings in San Francisco, but they were close to Sacramento. RIMS serves an important purpose, and we're all on the same team anyway."

Despite the transfer of 10 member companies from Golden Gate to Sacramento Valley, Ms. Sessions says her chapter's roster is just slightly below last year's level at this time. "Overall, we have had an 11 percent increase in new members this year," she says.

Founding companies of the Sacramento Valley Chapter include Foster Farms and University of California, Davis, which are new members; Pacific Coast Building Products Inc., which is transferring from non-chapter affiliated status; Adventist Health System/West, Basic American Inc., California Cedar Products Co., California Hospitals Affiliated Insurance Services Inc., California Rental Association, City of Stockton, The Grupe Co., Los Rios Community College District, Raley's and State of California, which are transferring from the Golden Gate Chapter; and Aerojet, which is transferring from the San Diego Chapter.

In addition to Ms. Luthi of the University of California, chapter directors include Vice PresidentMembership Michael Barrett of Raley's, Vice President-Programs Sue Noble of Foster Farms, Vice President-Communications Julee Thomas of Adventist Health System/West, Secretary/Treasurer Candyce Retamoza of the City of Stockton, and Society Director Alice Bryan of California Hospitals Affiliated Insurance Services Inc.
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Author:Johnson, Tom
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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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