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RIMS Conference promises new approach to issues.

by Phil Hall Don't let the location fool you, folks. Although the 30th Annual Risk Management and Employee Benefits Conference is being held a stone's throw from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, the show promises to be anything but a Mickey Mouse affair. If anything, it promises to be unlike the 29 RIMS conferences that preceded it.

There will be plenty of new approaches to conference operations this year, according to Thomas Lewison, chairman of the conference programming committee. "Instead of having four speakers in a two-hour session talking from an outline," he says, "we'll have no more than two or three, giving the speakers much more opportunity for greater depth." Lewison, who is corporate director of risk management at The Hartz Group Inc. in Secaucus, NJ, adds that the sessions will also feature more audiovisuals and handouts.

Boss' Day

Among the premiere features at the conference, scheduled for March 29-April 3, are 10 day-long workshops, allowing further exploration of major issues. April 1 will also be known as Boss' Day, when risk managers can invite their senior management to visit the conference and gain a deeper understanding of the practice.

On the agenda for the bosses is the game of Risk Management Chess. But don't expect to move white queen to black rook with this game; instead, risk management scenarios will be screened on videotape and risk managers will be called on to think fast for a solution. The registration fee for Boss' Day is $195, and more information will be in your mailbox in the near future.

Other unusual sessions on the agenda include a question and answer roundtable starring the chief executive officers of four major property/casualty companies, a roundtable featuring top risk managers, a discussion in the art of creating a risk management communications manual (in which a manual will be created during the session), a series of pointers on career development within risk management and an introductory program for new risk managers.

"We're trying to push more how-to sessions and reduce the number of theoretical instructions," explains Mr. Lewison.

The line-up of guest speakers includes a diverse mix. Among the tentatively scheduled are Peter Drucker, author and expert on corporate excellence (or the lack thereof); Lloyd's Chairman David Coleridge, who will fly in from London to talk about the state of his institution; Elizabeth Dole, president of the American Red Cross and a former cabinet member in the Reagan and Bush administrations; and Reggie Jackson, baseball's controversial "Mr. October."
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