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RIM & urethanes.

New materials and equipment eliminate fluorocarbons, solvent flushing, and mold-release spraying.

Environmental concerns will be evident in new urethane machinery at NPE. Look for rigid-foam dispensing equipment that has specially retrofitted to process cyclopentane as an alternative to CFC and HCFC blowing agents. You'll also see information on a new process that makes low-density, CFC-free slabstock foams. Other new PUR equipment includes a low-pressure metering unit that does not require solvent flushing.

In addition, there will be several new high-pressure machines, smaller RIM systems, and improved computer controls at the show. New low-density RIM and SRIM materials will also be featured.


Cannon U.S.A., Inc., Mars, Pa. will show an updated version of its modular A-System high-pressure urethane metering unit with closed-loop control. It now features a more user-friendly operator interface, a machine layout that allows easier access for maintenance, and software packages for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

Cannon will demonstrate an A-System that has been retrofitted to process cyclopentane--used in Europe to replace CFCs and HCFCs in rigid foam. Polyol and isocyanate metering units are enclosed in a suction box to contain flammable vapors. In the suction box are an explosion-proof motor and gas sensors to detect any leak of cyclopentane. The control panel is located remotely for additional protection.


A new model of continuous-flow RIM equipment will be introduced by Hi-Tech Engineering, Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich. The Accuflow/C system utilizes cylinder metering to handle filled and reinforced systems. Its single cylinder provides continuous flow under closed-loop computer control.

Also new from Hi-Tech will be a low-cost RIM metering system that sells for less than $15,000. The cart-mounted system with boom offers continuous flow up to 30 lb/min, ratios from 20:1 to 200:1, filler capability, and internally recirculating flushless mix head with optional back-pressure control.

Gusmer, Lakewood, N.J., will introduce its latest continuous-flow unit, the DeltaRim 140. This variable-ratio machine has a max. throughput capacity of 140 lb/min. Like other DeltaRim models, it uses the Gusmer Continuous Delivery Cylinder (CDC) pumping system, which can process high-viscosity filled systems.

A new RIM machine aimed at low-volume and small-parts molding will also be introduced by Gusmer. The MR-20, which also uses the CDC pump, has a max. throughput of 20 lb/min. It can handle multiple mixheads, each dispensing at a different ratio.

A new series of patented, adjustable-length mixheads--both straight and L-type--will be introduced by Decker Industries, Inc., Fort Salerno, Fla., for its DH series RIM equipment. The heads are said to dramatically reduce lead/lag problems with ratios of 1:2 or greater. Decker also now offers closed-loop control for both its high- and low-pressure dispensing systems.

In clamps, Linden Industries, Inc., Peninsula, Ohio, now offers RIM and SRIM presses from Wemhoner of Germany.

For making your own RIM tools, M.C.P. Systems, Inc., Fairfield, Conn., will introduce a new metal-spray gun. The 8850 Arc Spray model is said to be more efficient and lighter than past models.


KFD Sales & Service, Inc., Erlanger, Ky., will display the recently introduced RGE 395 low-pressure polyurethane metering unit for small technical parts. It has Klockner Desma's self-cleaning mechanical mix head, which needs no solvent flushing (PT, Sept. "93, p. 43).

Cannon will feature its new CarDio Max process for manufacturing low-density, "hyper-soft," CFC-free flexible slabstock foams without use of auxiliary blowing agents or softeners. Made by mechanically blending in C|O.sub.2^ gas, these foams are said to retain optimum mechanical characteristics and pinhole-free cell structure (PT, Jan. '94, p. 50). It reportedly allows construction of short, cost-effective production lines that can produce high-quality foams at low production speeds previously achievable only with vertical machines.

Linden Industries will launch two new data-acquisition systems developed for its own urethane machinery and that of other suppliers. The ProcessVu-LDA system can display on the screen or print out data on flows, pressures, and temperatures during the last 10 shots. This system is said to eliminate cumbersome open-cup calibration.

The other system, Micro ProcessVu, is a more sophisticated version that provides trending and historical information on all major process variables. Shot data and trends can be stored for up to a month and then downloaded to a floppy disk.

Linden will also introduce technical service via modem. The Hotline Modem Service System links its high-pressure machine controls directly to Linden's service department.


BASF Corp., Parsippany, N.J., will feature its recently introduced low-density structural RIM (LD-SRIM) urethane systems with internal mold release. These are said to improve productivity by up to 20% by eliminating time spent spraying external releases. Elastolit SR materials are designed for automotive trim such as door panels, seat backs, and package shelves. BASF's trials show that more than 80 releases are possible between applications of external mold release. LD-SRIM parts made with these systems are free of surface-quality variations that can occur with uneven spraying of wax release agents.

Two other suppliers that will provide information on recently introduced low-density RIM systems are Dow Plastics, Midland, Mich., and Miles Inc., Pittsburgh. Dow will also discuss its new high-heat RIM materials (PT, April '94, p. 60).

Foam Supplies, Inc., St. Louis, Mo., will introduce a series of insulation foam systems blown with HFC 134a, which does not deplete the ozone.

M.C.P. Systems will feature a new SG-200 urethane material for the company's line of vacuum-casting systems. These systems make void-free prototype parts quickly--8 to 10 parts/day.

What to Look For

* Rigid-foam systems use cyclopentane.

* Low-cost RIM system bows in.

* Low-pressure system needs no flushing.

* Low-density SRIM has internal mold release.
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Title Annotation:Special Show Preview: NPE '94; reaction injection molding
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Date:May 1, 1994
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