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RIM's relevance in the global business environment.

The business of records and information management (RIM) has become much more difficult in the past few years. Just to do their job, RIM professionals must be able to make sense of and understand domestic and foreign legal and social systems, languages, and regulations and legislation, as well as new technologies such as portals, electronic records, and instant messaging. We are becoming a global information society--a world in which information is communicated rapidly, globally, and in myriad formats. It is not enough to just know the filing and archiving basics.

In this issue of The Information Management Journal, we explore various business trends, including globalization, mergers, and portal technology, and examine their impact on RIM.

For example, in "Following the Phoenicians: RIM in a Globalized Future," Sue Myburgh explains why it is no longer possible for records managers to have only a domestic view of business. In order to compete and survive in today's global economy, businesses have had to become more globalized. In order for records managers to support their organizations, they must be able to integrate and globalize RIM initiatives.

Mergers and acquisitions are another fact of life in the business world today. In their article, "The Secret to a Successful RIM Merger or Acquisition," Roselyn A. Honore and Marion W. Maheia look at the critical role records managers play in determining how effectively a merged organization can integrate information and skills while continuing to deliver products and services to its internal and external customers.

Organizations that have recently gone through a merger, as well as those that have not, can benefit from portals, which can help them manage company information, databases, and records more easily and efficiently. Jerrold G. Rose examines the benefits of portal technology and tells us how to avoid portal pitfalls in "The Joys of Enterprise Portals."

Also in this issue, "Marketing Your RIM Program," by Heather Richmond, CRM, and Sheila Taylor, CRM, offers tips to help records managers compete with other departments for an organization's scarce resources. In "Leading Information Programs: 10 New Insights for Success," Bruce W. Dearstyne examines what it takes to be an effective leader and provides leadership advice for RIM professionals.

As the effective and efficient management of records and information continues to be critical to all organizations, RIM professionals must stay informed of and attuned to the ever-changing business world. We hope the articles in this issue of the Journal will help you do just that.
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Title Annotation:Records and information management; In focus: a message from the editors
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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