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THE TIME HAS COME to say "Farewell" with no ifs or buts. My wife Joyce and I have accumulated a number of medical problems and we will be moving into a care facility shortly.

It's been a good thirty years since I first joined Esprit de Corps as the Korean War writer. We had a great crowd--Strome Galloway, Norm Shannon and I would 'swing the lamp' and swap war stories for ages. In the 'dark days' our volunteer duties included labelling, bagging and getting the magazine out in time. Joyce and a number of our friends would chip in on this activity, fortified by Nick's excellent pizzas.

When Korea ceased to be the latest 'hot topic' publisher Scott Taylor suggested that I write our "Old Guard" column. This was a great experience. Through "Old Guard" and "Trivia" I met dozens of informed and interesting people, learned a lot and heard fabulous stories. My heartfelt thanks to the many new friends who wrote or e-mailed me I'd like to thank you individually but there are too many to name.

I've been cranky. I've been critical of the Legion (right-chest medals!) but they've still been good to me--I must admit that while I don't plagiarize, I have followed up on some items which first came to my attention in their magazine. Scott and I sometimes differ in opinions, but I've never been 'edited out'. And I'm still plugging for a Canadian Force Volunteer Medal!

Goodbye--and have a GREAT 2020 AD!

Les Peate is a Korean War veteran and author based in Ottawa. If you have news you'd like included, write to

Caption: Korean Embassy commemorating the works of Les Peate in chronicling the Korean conflict in Esprit de Corps over the past three decades. (RICHARD LAWRENCE)

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Title Annotation:VETERAN NEWS & VIEWS
Author:Peate, Les
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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