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One thing that is true of all shooting ranges from the high-tech, big-city indoor shooting range to the country hillside -- is that interesting targets are more fun than boring ones. That being the case, the new line of Predator targets from Wholesale Targets should be, if you'll forgive the pun, a blast.

This line of 23"x35" color targets includes 65 different photo-realistic subjects. Designed to enhance police officers' target recognition skills in live-fire practice houses, the Predator series features a band of baddies straight out of a police line-up -- caught-in-the-act criminals, drug dealers and deranged maniacs wielding guns, knifes and blunt instruments. It also features some more thought-provoking targets -- a school girl with a bookbag and a .25 auto; a corporate executive complete with ID badge and salon hairstyle carrying a gun into the workplace; and even an attractive, bikini-clad model who may divert your gaze away from her low-held 1911 with other, ahem, notable features.

If you run a police tactical training facility, these targets will be great teaching tools. Even if you're just enjoying some target practice at the local range or the north 40, a Predator target can add a bit of interest to your next shooting session.
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Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Jul 1, 2001
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