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RIA OnPoint CD-ROM Tax Coordinator.

Research Institute of America, 90 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, (800) 431-9025 x 9200, annual subscription $1,274, less applicable discounts.

Tax research. Relying on current, authoritative tax information is one of the most critical concerns and the mainstay of the independent tax professional. Whether you are "Code" or "subject" oriented, one tool that will assist you is a CD-ROM computer research system. With the development of the CD-ROM, an electronic system much like a CD player that allows the storage of massive quantities of information on disks, research professionals can eliminate much of the hardship associated with tax research.

One CD-ROM tool already available is RIA's OnPoint system. For CD-ROM users, it may be pertinent to note that OnPoint delivers an average productivity speed up to 16 times faster than its closes competitor, conserving research time and costs. OnPoint will accelerate you research, delivering your answers in literally seconds. However, speed is not the only story.

The best news is OnPoint lets you begin your research by Code or by subject. Regardless of how you currently do tax research, there is no need to learn a new method. Start with Code or search by topic, then move freely between the Code and RIA's authoritative analysis - Federal Tax Coordinator 2nd - at any point in your research, with a single keystroke. Few other tax research tools gives you this flexibility to swiftly and easily look at current tax law from every angle.

Users may search for specific words or points of authority, refer to either a subject index or Code/case index, use the table of contents or search the whole information base at once. Once you find the information desired, you can save it on a disk or print the material with just one or two additional keystrokes.

OnPoint will not only increase your speed but could also increase the thoroughness of your research. You will have the ability to search through more than 35 volumes of tax information in mere seconds. OnPoint research system is a completely packaged tax research system. Tax professionals may choose from a universe of current information, all in one place: Federal Tax Coordinator 2nd, Master Federal Tax Manual, Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations and Weekly Alert Archives (RIA's weekly tax updates).

In addition, the newest update of OnPoint allows the use of bookmarks, notepads, audit trails and a centrally accessible billing program. Unlike other CD-ROM research systems, these "desk accessories" are placed in the memory of your personal computer and remain there until manually deleted (no need to restore each month when the disk is updated).

OnPoint allows tax professionals to provide their clients with affordable state-of-the-art tax research. This system could complement your existing tax research department or become the centerpiece of an additional consulting service which you can provide to your small business and individual clients.
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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