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RFB Batch Roaster from Neuhaus Neotec.

RFB Batch Roaster from Neuhaus Neotec

The NEUHAUS NEOTEC RFB Batch Roaster is built in several sizes from lab scale of 100 to 500 g batches, pilot scale of 3 to 5 kg batches to 3000 kg hourly capacity.

The basis of the process is the fluidized bed technology which was first used for the chemical industry. The fluidized bed represents a condition in which the whole batch behaves almost like liquid so that a good mixing and internal exchange takes place.

Due to the thorough mixing each product particle is subjected to the same physical condition. Due to the strong movement each coffee bean is subjected to the same physical condition. Due to the strong movement of each coffee bean besides the movement of the whole batch the surface of each particle in evenly subjected to the surrounding conditions.

The latter results in a high transferred heat flow as well as the heat efficiency. This heat flow can be transferred to the product very gently becuse the necessary temperature difference (medium/product) can be kept small for reasons as mentioned before.

This machine does not have any moving parts in the roaster chamber.

To achieve today's and future requirements of coffee roasters, Neuhaus Neotec have adapted the common fluidized bed process to the unique RFB roaster and cooler as there is: Roasting times variable between 90 seconds to 12 minutes. Fast feed and discharge times of the roaster chamber, Fast and efficient fluidized bed cooling with water quench in the cooler chamber, Low energy consumption due to recirculation, No moving parts, controlled air flow, e.g. controlled air to coffee ratio, High quality roast even on ultra-short roasting times, On-line control of roast color batch by batch, roasting on lower temperature than with conventional machines.

At the side of the chamber a sight glass is provided through which the cooling process can be observed.

Cooling of roasted coffee is done in the same fluidized and rotating way as in the roasting chamber. For quenching purposes, a number of spray nozzles are positioned in the upper part of the cooling chamber. Quenching starts automatically and instantly upon discharge of hot coffee beans from the roasting chamber.

For more information, contact Neuhaus Neotech at: Gutenbergring 46, D-2000 Norderstedt, Tel: (040) 5234083, Tx: 214501 nthmbd, Fax: (010) 5281434.
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Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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