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RF heating progress.

The ITER Tokamak ultimately will rely on three external heating systems to bring the plasma up to full power: ion cyclotron heating, electron cyclotron heating and neutral beam heating. The US is responsible for both the ion and electron cyclotron heating system transmission lines. For the ion cyclotron system, the European Union will provide two antennas, while India is responsible for the RF power sources and high voltage supplies. The US ITER ion cyclotron team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has achieved high RF power levels in the laboratory and is working to finalize the design of the transmission lines and matching systems. "We're trying to deliver every bit of power through our transmission lines that we said we would. They are designed to reliably carry double the initially available power, in order to accommodate a possible future power upgrade; we really need to deliver," said Rick Goulding, who leads US IIER's ion cyclotron heating (ICH) research and development program and is a physicist with ORNL's Plasma Technology and Applications Group in the Fusion Materials for Nuclear Systems Division.

US ITER developed a multi-function high power test stand at ORNL to confirm transmission line design and test specific components. Recent accomplishments include successful steady state high-voltage tests of candidate transmission lines at 35 kV, with 40 kV transient currents.

The team also successfully tested cooling the inner conductors of the line with circulating nitrogen at 3 atmospheres of pressure. Because of the high power requirements, the diameter of the ITER transmission lines is exceptionally large--about 12 inches--compared with low power transmission lines, such as those used for cable television transmission.

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