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RF and Microwave Circuit and Component Design for Wireless Systems.

RF and Microwave Circuit and Component Design for Wireless Systems Kai Chang, Inder Bahl and Vijay Nair Wiley Inter-science 532 pages; $95 ISBN: 0-471-19773-4

The major objective of this book is to present modern RF and microwave technology for wireless applications. Although wireless communication is a major application of RF and microwave technology, it also has extensive applications in radar, sensors, navigation, radio-frequency identification, remote sensing, surveillance, broadcast, smart automobiles and highways.

The book is intended to serve as a reference for practicing engineers and technicians working in the area of RF, microwaves, communications, solid-state devices and radar. It should also be useful as a textbook for RF and microwave courses designed for university students.

The book is organized into 12 chapters. Chapter 1 is an introduction and offers a brief history of the technology. Chapter 2 presents an account of some general wireless systems, including frequency allocations, cellular systems in the US, Europe and Japan, cordless telephony, wireless LANs, satellite communications and future wireless systems. Chapter 3 gives an overview of various active devices, such as Si bipolar transistors, GaAs MESFETs, hetero-junction FETs and HBTs, as well as microwave integrated circuit technologies commonly used in the construction of RF and microwave wireless systems. Chapter 4 describes the system parameters for a typical receiver and transmitter, including noise, dynamic range, intermodulation products and adjacent channel power ratio. Chapter 5 describes the transmission line characteristics of waveguides, coaxial lines, microstrip lines and other planar transmission lines, lumped elements and impedance matching techniques, and networks. Chapter 6 covers filters and couplers. Active or solid-state circuits such as switches, low noise amplifiers, mixers, frequency converters, oscillators, modulators and power amplifiers are presented in Chapters 7 to 11. Antennas and their operating principles are discussed in Chapter 12, including monopole and dipole antennas, loop antennas, horn antennas and microstrip patch antennas.

To order this book, contact: John Wiley & Sons Inc., One Wiley Drive, Somerset, NJ 08875 (800) 225-5945.

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Publication:Microwave Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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