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 TORONTO, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Vivid Group, one of the world's

leading Virtual Reality technology and production companies, announces that it is the first V.R. company to have its technology experienced weekly by millions of viewers on a national television network program.
 Starting in January, every Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 p.m., millions of viewers sit back and watch with amazement while the contestants on Nickelodeon's new "Nick Arcade" game show leave the joystick behind and actually step inside virtual video games with their own real live image, challenging the animation/video worlds they find surrounding them.
 In the studio, the contestants stand in front of an empty stage platform. Their live video image then becomes part of Mandala (R) Virtual Reality video games that they view on the monitor in front of themselves. To win the game they must physically maneuver their way around the video game; navigating ladders while avoiding animated obstacles, i.e. fireballs, piranhas and laser beams. It's the contestant and the computer; there is nobody backstage controlling anything, and the contestant doesn't have to wear, or touch anything.
 What allows this to happen is the revolutionary Mandala V.R. system itself, which uses ordinary video cameras to analyze a person's real- time movement in the three-dimensional space they occupy and always knows where they are and what they are doing.
 Vivid Group Directors Francis MacDougall, Vincent John Vincent and Susan Wyshynski feel they are well on the road to completely changing television as people currently experience it. They are currently working with production companies in Toronto to produce a game show for television networks that takes place entirely in virtual reality.
 What is amazing is that the exact same technology that is used for "Arcade" is available as a $495.00 software package for personal computers; the Amiga, PC or Macintosh. People watching "Arcade" on television could actually be playing it in their own home.
 The Mandala V.R. Authoring system has a wide range of applications from television and live stage production, to home use. Also in the works is a scaled-down version that will be available for video game machine owners in the near future.
 In the next couple of years people will actually see television networks producing nationwide programs that aren't geared for passive viewing. People will be able to actually get up and step into the show from their own home. Truly interactive television.
 -0- 3/5/92
 /CONTACT: Vincent John Vincent of The Vivid Group, 416-340-9290/ CO: The Vivid Group ST: California IN: CPR ENT SU: PDT

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Date:Mar 5, 1992

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