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REVISITING A PROGRESSIVE PEDAGOGY: The Developmental-Interaction Approach.

REVISITING A PROGRESSIVE PEDAGOGY: The Developmental-Interaction Approach. N. Nager & E. Shapiro, Eds. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2000. 313 pp. $49.50. Nager and Shapiro review the history of the progressive education movement as it relates to the developmental-interaction approach. Mostly associated with Bank Street College, this dynamic approach continues to evolve as new developments arise in psychology, education, anthropology, and critical pedagogy. The book is divided into three distinct sections: "Describing and Expanding the Framework"; "Social Studies: Enduring Goals and New Directions"; and "Becoming a Teacher: Understanding Children, Self, and Contexts."

This volume will enlighten those educators who are unfamiliar with the developmental-interaction approach to education. Part I admirably and extensively reviews the history of the approach. This reviewer was captivated by the authors' ability to critically analyze the approach from the perspective of new theories and recent ideas. For example, they describe how the developmental-interaction incorporates some elements of critical, feminist, and postmodern thought.

Part II considers current issues in the lives of young children. One chapter that stands out is Carole Lippman's "Developmental Reality: Helping Teachers Deal With Violence in Children's Lives." Finally, Part III addresses the importance of the teacher in the developmental-interaction approach. This section pays close attention to such matters as how to use observation, incorporate portfolios, and involve families.

This text is accessible for those who have some background in progressive education and constructivism. For professionals interested in learning more about either the history or the prospects of the developmental-interaction approach, this book would certainly be the resource to use. Reviewed by Jerry Aldridge, Professor and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Aldridge, Jerry
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 2001
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