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REVIEW; Yeasayer, Millennium Music Hall, Cardiff.

Byline: Andrew Arthur

'The sky is the limit' is one phrase that is clearly missing from the vernacular of Brooklyn, New York's Yeasayer.

On the eve of this weekend's SWN festival , Cardiff's new music lovers had their audio appetites whetted by the five-piece's experimental electro-pop, which displayed their influences from across world music.

A lengthy queue filed up the steps to the intimate top floor - and this was one disco they'll struggle to forget.

Yeasayer's keyboard generated trance and ethereal falsetto harmonies were matched in adventure only by their 'Brooklyn cool' fashion of parachute pants and army boots.

The buzz around the band has moved into hyper-drive, with this year's 'Odd Blood' garnering a broad plethora of admirers, from Alt-rock hero Beck, to the programmers of the 'FIFA' football computer games.

After Suckers yelped the crowd into the swing of things, aided by Quinn Walker's best Robin impression during a whistling solo, the lights went down and a neon green throb signalled Yesayer's arrival.

The band is blessed with two diverse vocalists, Chris Keating and enigmatic guitarist Anand Wilder. The latter's record-perfect, soothing chant washed over the captivated crowd in opener 'Madder Red'.

Keating was a frantic silhouette against a backdrop of geometric shapes and colourful flashing lights that added a complementary mystique.

While slower computerised jams struggled to hold attention, set closing anthem 'Ambling Alp' exploded like a supernova among the crowd. Yeasayer were cheered back on for an encore, including the sinister robot vocals of 'The Children' and dreamy '2080'. Eventually, the sky will give way and Yeasayer can take their rightful place in the cosmos.

Andrew Arthur
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:1U2NY
Date:Oct 21, 2010
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