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REVIEW:The book of SCSI - 2nd edition.

TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 September 2000-REVIEW:The book of SCSI - 2nd edition (C)1994-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

SCSI (pronounced "scuzzy") is a intelligent interface which knows what types of devices are connected to the computer and how to deal with them. This book explains the details of SCSI to the reader so they can then use them for their own computer.

To be able to set up this interface correctly you need to know a lot of information and this book provides just what you need. All of the topics covered are fairly detailed although they are not too complicated for the reader to understand. This is due to the language and layout used. To help the reader understand the content there are small areas of text labelled 'note' which providing a brief overview for various sections of text. These can be highly useful when skimming through the book for vital information.

There are also blocks of text placed in grey backgrounds which, I believe, are there to explain further to the reader the knowledge which they have just taken in. However there was no section included in the book which explained the actual purposes of the notes and grey areas so their inclusion was left to the reader to interpret.

There are numerous images and tables throughout the book which I don't feel were always very useful. However they do break up the text which makes it easier on the reader. The tables and charts try to explain the content but most of them are not provided with annotation, which is needed to briefly explain what the images are displaying.

A couple of the better thought out sections of the book help to tie everything together and make it into a worthwhile reference. The two contents listings are excellent although the 'detailed' list may have gone into a bit too much detail! There is a well constructed index using indented text to distinguish between main subjects and associated topics, and a glossary of terms to help the reader with some of the many acronyms and jargon-esque words they may encounter in the book.

CONCLUSION:The content of this book is very detailed and will be extremely useful to anyone who uses SCSI or wants to utilise it. All aspects of installing and configuring SCSI are covered in an ideal amount of detail. I would not say that this book is ideal if you are unfamiliar with SCSI but an intermediate computer user could gain a lot from having this by their side when considering installing SCSI in their computer.

Title:The book of SCSI - 2nd edition Author:Gary Field, Peter Ridge Published by: No Starch Press ISBN:1-886411-10-7 Price:USD49.95 Reviewer:Caroline Turner

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Date:Sep 29, 2000
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