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REVIEW:Electronic day trading 101.

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The Internet has opened up a new low-cost route for those who want to sell stocks and shares. Many people are making it their career and 'Internet day trading' has the ability for the skilled to make a lot of money... but the equal ability to incur heavy losses for many others.

This is a book about trading with stocks online and it looks at how one can start up as an electronic trader. The reader is given plenty of tips and advice throughout the book which are based on the author's own experiences and this combines to provide a reasonable insight into the reality of electronic day trading. It covers a lot of different topics including some very handy financial and mathematical tips to help see you through -- although there is a very great US-centric bias which may be less-than-useful for non-US readers. However the core principles are the same and, of course, it is tailored to those trading through American services and on American exchanges.

If you have ever thought to yourself "I wish I knew how to get into stock trading" then this is a book worth looking at as it will guide you from beginning to end through your new career. However don't be fooled into thinking that this book guarantees you success because it doesn't, however it definitely gives you a chance over those who don't know what they are doing.

The index and glossary on this book are average and could have been improved but my only real complaint is that the book was roughly 100 pages in size and the appendixes took up 200 pages. This deceives you into thinking this book is three times the size it is. Much of the space is spent providing NASDAQ ticker codes and other financial information that soon goes out of date. Reader beware.

CONCLUSION: This book may be possibly worth it if you have your heart set on a career in electronic day trading, apart from that it's probably best left on the shelf.

Title:Electronic day trading 101 Author:Sunny J Harris Published (in English) by:John Wiley & Sons ISBN:0-471-36210-7 Price:GBP19.50 Reviewer:Rhys Walbyoff

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