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REVIEW: Why Men Marry Some Women and not Others.


John T Molloy, the author of 'Dress for Success' and 'The Women's Dress for Success Book', has now produced a new book 'Why Men Marry Some Women and not Others' based on research from over 2,500 women and their fiances and over 1,000 single people.

I was initially intrigued by this book, especially after reading that the information in the research was allegedly so powerful that half the single female researchers connected with the project got married within three years, and that by reading the book I could increase my chances of marrying by up to 60%.

However, I found that out of the eight chapters in the book only a couple of chapters were relevant to my situation. I already have a long term partner so the information on the marrying kind and first impressions is really aimed at a single person who is meant to be thinking about marriage before they have even located a potential partner! As I progressed into the book further, I began to get even more disheartened. Molloy seemed to be telling the women how to change themselves in order to get married or how to manipulate the man into marrying her.

Although marriage is a very important factor to people from both sexes, I felt that Molloy made marriage seem far too important to one's life than it should be. There were some sections in the book where I think the advice given to increase your chances of getting married went too far.

For example, the book said that if a woman meets two men in their 40s, one who has been married and the other a lifelong bachelor, she should choose the one who has been married before as he is far more likely to marry than the second. This may be statistically true, but shouldn't the woman choose the one she thinks she will be most happy with, rather than just dating the man who will take her down the aisle the quickest. It seems to me that the book aims to get the reader "married" rather than to make a life-long commitment to somebody.

Although so far my opinions on the book have been negative, this does not mean that some of the information contained within it cannot be put to good use.

The book advises couples to broach the subject of marriage as it is important that they both feel the same way about the subject. A quote from the book reads "Marriage remains the formula for the best and longest lasting relationships". I agree with this comment and believe that marriage would make my life more fulfilled and happy. I don't think that my relationship with my partner would change if we were to marry, however I may eventually view the relationship differently if we were not to marry in the future.

I specifically liked the chapter titled 'Speaking of Marriage' and feel that it may be worthwhile to leave the book open at this section in the hope that your potential partner flicks through it. I'm not sure that men understand how important marriage is to some women and how he can unwittingly cause hurt by saying that he has not thought about marrying you or that he is not ready.

The conclusion also made me feel more positive about the book. Molloy pointed out that marriage is not only romantic, but also practical. In my eyes his most valid but morbid reason for marriage between long term partners was that a person is not permitted to see someone in hospital when they are not related, nor will you be involved in any decisions about their health.

CONCLUSION: Intriguing book, which may help some women while offend others. It is worth a read if you want to marry, whether you currently have a partner or not.

Title: Why Men Marry Some Women and not OthersAuthor: John T. Molloy Published by: Warner BooksISBN: 0-446-53113-8Price: USD21.95Reviewer: Caroline Turner
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Date:Jan 19, 2004
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