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REVIEW: The Web Testing Companion.


Aimed at web testers, IT professionals (intermediate thru to advanced) 'The Web Testing Companion' claims to be an all round guide to the ins and outs of the web testing world, and it proves to be just that.

Although the premise of the book appears to be that the beginner should be able to become a web tester by the time he has finished reading it, the majority of the text appears to have been written for the more advanced user. In turn, this makes the introductory chapters - which give the basis on which web testing and software testing are founded - seem a little out of place.

However the book does get to what it was written for, and that is a high level, indepth look at the components of web testing. Although the topics became more complex in these later chapters the book remained easy to follow with plenty of screen grabs and diagrams to help the budding and experienced web tester along.

The layout is simple and well designed, making it an excellent reference for the tasks involved in testing and what type of person you need to be to become a tester of a high standard. I found this unusual for what I assumed was a basic textbook guide to the technical side of the job, but it works well and I believe would improve many similar guides on these subjects. By encouraging the reader to enter into a certain frame of mind it can only make the tasks easier and better understood. It would have sat better at the start of the book instead of the rear however.

CONCLUSION: A well written, clearly presented guide which I am sure would be welcomed and well used by web and software testers everywhere.

Title: The Web Testing Companion Author: Lydia Ash Published by: Wiley Publishing Inc. ISBN: 0 471 43021 8 Price: GBP34.95 Reviewer: Matt Stewart
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Title Annotation:Lydia Ash
Author:Stewart, Matt
Publication:M2 Best Books
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 18, 2004
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