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REVIEW: Psychological Perspectives on Fear of Flying.


Phobia's are something that any person can find themselves susceptible too. Whether it be spiders, needles or open spaces, the list is pretty much endless, but many of these have had previous studies carried out into the causes and remedies. Apparently not so with flying, until now. Within these pages are the results of the first work into the fear of flying.

Taking its collective input from a variety of respected researchers and clinicians, the book addresses such problems as how far and why this particular fear exists, assessing sufferers and possible treatments that can be administered amongst other things.

As is suggested in the opening cover notes, this book is more suited towards somebody involved with aviation rather than a member of the general public. Examples of suitable readers are given as aviation psychologists, flying instructors and psychiatrists. Researchers and counsellors/therapists are also listed as secondary interest parties.

Not being a member of the above mentioned groups I found the subject to be overbearing and quite bewildering. It has not been written with the intention of easy accessibility for all, with little useful information becoming apparent, but that does not mean members of the intended target area would not be able to take a lot of interesting detail from the facts and statistics put forward.

CONCLUSION: Not a book for everyone as it contains a lot of baffling phraseology. It has a specific and limited area for whom it can be aimed at, but is likely to be of great help to that particular reader. May also be helpful to a sufferer of this phobia with an understanding of the terminologies used.

Title: Psychological Perspectives on Fear of FlyingAuthor: Robert Bor and Lucas Van GerwenPublished by: AshgateISBN: 0-7546-0903-0Price: GBP45.00Reviewer: Peter Haswell
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Date:Jan 19, 2004
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