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REVIEW: Free Publicity for your Business In A Week.


As the title of this book suggests, reading the contents can help you obtain free publicity within a week for your business. This is reflected in the layout which, almost in diary style is set out in day-by-day sections. As you go through each day you see that author Guy Clapperton is building you up progressively, taking things a step at a time.

It is this step-by-step style that really does make this book so accessible. The progression starts from 'Sunday', when all you know is that you want free publicity. This leads through all of the days of the week, offering advice on how to secure that publicity and finishes on the following Saturday, when you will (hopefully) know what publicity you are aiming for and how to get it.

The interesting element to this book is that it not only directs you to getting the publicity, but it also gives advice on negative factors that you could encounter and how to head them off and turn the publicity back in the direction it was initially intended.

The language and content is simple, straightforward and jargon free. Also provided in a clear and concise manner throughout is a wealth of information about the press and how to use them to your advantage. The overall effect of this combination has the result of this book being extremely easy to understand, follow and implement what you have learned.

CONCLUSION: A well written guide that provides anyone with realistic ways of getting their business or event publicised for free.

Title: Free Publicity for your Business In A Week Author: Guy Clapperton Published by: Hodder & Stoughton ISBN: 0-340-85827-3 Price: GBP6.99 Reviewer: Rebecca Sanderman
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Date:Nov 14, 2002
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