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REVIEW: Cindy Walter's Snippet Sensations: Christmas Celebration.


The title "Snippet Sensations" refers to a type of application technique where different coloured and patterned fabrics are cut into pieces and used to create pictures.

"Christmas Celebration" is a booklet of different projects with Christmas themes like poinsettias, candles and Santa Claus. There are a couple of pages of instructions at the start of the booklet, such as a general supply list and a process preview.

The projects have quite detailed instructions and there are also numerous colour photographs to show a beginner how to get the same results as the author.

The one thing I found is that there is no actual information on how to achieve the final result. The instructions provided are quite sufficient if you are an experienced craftsperson who knows these things and just want information on this particular technique, but if you also want to know how to finish the project the booklet will not be enough.

Despite this, however, I still think that the booklet would provide a suitable starting point both for the person who wants to experiment with the technique as well as for those who want to create the same objects as the author by following the advice and instructions given.

CONCLUSION: A thin booklet focussing on Christmas projects in the "Snippet Sensations" technique. Cindy Walters provides Christmas projects that should suit most tastes as well as a starting point for those interested in experimenting.

Title: Cindy Walter's Snippet Sensations: Christmas CelebrationAuthor: Cindy WalterPublished by: Krause PublicationsISBN: 0-87349-420-2Price: USD7.95Reviewer: Ann Sundqvist
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Author:Sundqvist, Ann
Publication:M2 Best Books
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 17, 2002
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