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REVIEW: Business FAQs: Answers to the 100 most difficult business questions of all time.


I think the title should have sounded some alarm bells before I opened the book. Anything with such enthusiastic superlatives invariably fails to meet the mark. I should have followed my instinct.

I don't know why certain publishers insist on branding their books with such impossible superlatives. In this book - allegedly the only book you need to answer all of those really difficult business questions (but if you read the back cover the word 'some' has been added) - you get a rapid-fire Q&A session providing instant solutions to many questions that perhaps you never knew existed previously.

Once you open the book you are greeted by one nice feature: the cardboard cover leaf that can act as a bookmark as you navigate through this fairly thin 166 page book. You can do the maths... not so many pages for so many difficult questions.

Moving on: These 100 'very difficult' questions are further split into 13 sections because, of course, finding the questions might otherwise be too taxing for the poor reader. The subject ranges from "the basics", which guides the reader through dealing with customers, managing your career, managing change, sales management and thoughts about real business practices. The information provided is, to my mind, of varying quality and susceptive to regional differences in part. It would be quite unwise to rely on the legalistic-type advice given if you are not based in the United States and this 'not quite on the mark' theme may continue throughout (dependent on your location).

Certainly you receive a very succinct summary of information - which is not necessarily a bad thing - to each answer, but the whole format just doesn't appeal to me. I think that there has been greater attention paid to the 'gee whizz' novelty factor (fortunately without silly graphics) than to the presentation of good, full advice in a similarly easy-to-navigate structure.

CONCLUSION: I didn't like this method of information provision but you may. Visit a bookshop and take a long, hard look at it.

Title: Business FAQs: Answers to the 100 most difficult business questions of all time Author: Ken Langdon/Andrew Bruce Published by: Capstone Publishing Ltd ISBN: 1-84112-012-X Price: GBP16.99 Reviewer: Darren Ingram
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Author:Ingram, Darren
Publication:M2 Best Books
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 24, 2003
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