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REVIEW: Beyond Integration: Challenges of belonging in diaspora and exile.


In the 1990s, refugees from the former Yugoslavia, Kurdish problems and the Kosovo Albanians' problems have affected migration and political decisions in Europe.

This book deals with the identity of those who do not live in their national states and how the identity is formed and the research presented has been carried out in Denmark, Germany, Greece, Macedonia and Sweden.

The language and approach to the subject are technical and scientific. This is no real-life biographies, but research dealing with the adaptation and identity of refugees and immigrants.

Specific terminology is used and the text is hard going at times. The impression is that the articles have been written by authors who do not necessarily have English as their main language rather than having been translated. This is a common thing in scientific texts and unfortunately it often makes texts harder to read as the wording is less than optimal.

As for the topic of the book, it is quite a specialised field and the book is clearly aimed at a specific audience.

Maybe there are pearls in the text for those who get through the terminology and the language, but as this is not a topic that I am particularly specialised in I struggled to find them.

CONCLUSION: A collection of articles written in a technical style. The texts vary a bit but are generally full of terminology and can be heavy reading for those who do not have prior experience of the topic.

Title: Beyond Integration: Challenges of belonging in diaspora and exileAuthor: Maja Povranozovic Frykman (editor)Published by: Nordic Academic PressISBN: 91-89116-17-8Price: SEK240Reviewer: Ann Sundqvist
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Author:Sundqvist, Ann
Publication:M2 Best Books
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 13, 2003
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