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REVIEW: Airlines: Managing to Make Money.


Many airlines try to make money - or should that be aspire to make money - and market downturns due to world events don't help their often fragile economies prosper. Many airlines are finding that the key to financial success is a two-pronged approach. It is not enough to have the right route network but a firm service-led approach to business is often the key differentiator to help grow business, integrate business and - perhaps more importantly - keep a tight handle on the finances to turn losses into profits.

This is where this book sets out to help by providing an overview of these processes and detailing many of the developments in the aviation industry. I found the book to be confusing as I had many positive thoughts towards it but a few things managed to take the shine off it.

There is no faulting the information in itself. It is all fairly good stuff that links practical knowledge with business management skills whilst retaining the necessary bias and relevancy to the aviation industry. However to me, personally, it just failed to click with the reader, leading to the book being a little hard-going and less inspirational than it perhaps was intended to be. The problem is partly how the book drones on - like one of those tiresome economists that invariably is to be found at the start of a conference: the room is hot, you've just had breakfast and his droning and droning makes your eyes get very heavy.... Yet, if you had been engaged and managed to stay fully alert you would have picked up a great deal of information.

Sadly the book is a little like this. It starts well on a track and then slowly gets bogged down, and there is a tendency to "flip ahead" and miss the odd gem. The wealth of further reading suggestions, references and a good index can allow you to 'catch up' a little but is that the point?

I did enjoy reading much of the information distilled in the book but it was hard-going at times. There was no problem with the level or detail of information (I can appreciate that the non-industry participant may flounder) but a little more editing to remove the boring lecture language and approach would benefit everyone I think.

CONCLUSION: A great information-packed book that has an unfortunate tendency to go on a bit to throw the reader off the scent.

Title: Airlines: Managing to Make Money Author: Stephen HollowayPublished by: Ashgate Publishing LtdISBN: 0-7546-1558-8Price: GBP31Reviewer: Darren Ingram
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Author:Ingram, Darren
Publication:M2 Best Books
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 24, 2003
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