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REVENGE IS SWEET; Hell hath no fury like a person scorned.

Byline: By Cath Bennett

REVENGE is sweet. Yesterday, the Record reported the story of a sacked artist who took revenge on bosses at Huntley & Palmer. He drew hidden saucy pictures on a biscuit tin which was sold worldwide in its thousands. Bosses and philanderers beware.

A disgruntled farmer got his own back on Nat West after they transferred pounds 70,000 out of his account without permission.

When they refused to pay compensation, furious David Cannon dumped tons of manure over 10 years on branches of the bank in Newcastle and Ponteland, Northumberland. In 1999, he was offered a pounds 300,000 settlement.

American Lorena Bobbit, of Virginia, sums up the truism, 'Hell hathno fury like awoman scorned'.

She hacked off her cheating husband's penis and threw it out of a car window. And a US man told to split his property with his wife halved the house and furniture with a chainsaw.

Back in the workplace, a sacked crane operator in Portsmouth cost his bosses pounds 500,000 when he reversed a 20-ton crane over four lorries, a van and a portable cabin.

Omega, a technology firm who work with NASA and the US Navy, had a bug placed in their system by a key network manager,which lost them several major clients and resulted in 80 redundancies.

But it was the bosses' turn when a Tokyo salesman turned whistle-blower after finding his package delivery firm was price-fixing.

He claims Tonami Transportation transferred him to a tiny remote subsidiary to shovel snow, weed lawns and arrange cushions.

Professor Prem Misra, psychiatrist at Glasgow's Parkhead Hospital, believes everyone is capable of revenge but only certain types will carry it out.

He said: 'Revenge is inherent in us from birth but we learn not to lash out. People who lack emotional control and self-esteem will connive the sneakiest revenge.

'And because it feels good,those who do it once will be more confident in doing it again.'

News reader Sandy Gall had a nasty shock when wife Eleanor gave away his vintage wine collection over his cheating.

Golfer Nick Faldo's lover Brenna Cepalek took a golf club to his pounds 200,000 Porsche when they split.

Lady Sarah Graham Moon was so furious to discover her husband had another woman, she poured paint over his BMW and cut the sleeves off his suits.

Professor Misra believes causing embarrassment, not financial loss, is more satisfying for the avenger.

The ex of former EastEnder Peter Dean, who played market trader Pete Beale, rubbed his behind and genitals with a chilli pepper, and others have been known to use itching powder to elicit confessions.

But the sweetest payback is when there's cash in it for the avenger.

Margaret Cook got hers on philandering hubby Robin with her book, A Slight and Delicate Creature,which made her a six-figure sum.


CRUMBS: The Record yesterday; SUITS YOU; WRITE STUFF CUT ABOVE; GETTING EVEN: From left, Lady Sarah Graham Moon, Mrs Robin Cook and Lorena Bobbit on the right is the knife she used. Main picture Farmer Cannon's mucky protest
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 17, 2004
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