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REVEALED: MORE BIG EARNERS AT REHAB; Four officials lift over [euro]100k at under-fire agency.


FOUR officials at under-fire Rehab are pocketing between [euro]100,000 and [euro]150,000, the Irish Daily Mirror has learned.

We can reveal a number of top executives at the agency are taking home almost the same wage as the Taoiseach, who earns a [euro]157,540 salary.

It has also emerged four other employees are earning [euro]90,000 while three others have a salary of just under that amount.

The exact figures have been shielded from the public by the agency which claims they can't release the data until 2015.

This is despite the taxpayer handing over [euro]83million in State funding to the charity.

A breakdown shows 84% of one of the top salaries is being paid by the State. In another case, 23% is funded in the same way.

The figures also reveal 33% of salaries are paid by the taxpayer in most cases, with private income making up the rest.

The agency's board has refused to release information about its highest wage earners. Chief executive Angela Kerins is the only official whose salary is in the public domain. She is paid [euro]240,000 but none of it is funded by the taxpayer.

The figures are in stark contrast to frontline staff who took pay cuts in 2010 of between 5% and 15% and saw Christmas boPu Cdrc bonuses axed. The Public Accounts Committee has demanded the remuneration committee come before them to explain why the executives are on such big salaries.

in It asked Rehab to invite this group to attend last week's meeting but they did not show up.

Ms Kerins refused to divulge details because the executives were not "public servants" or on the "public pay scale".

She told the PAC: "They are not on public pensions. They are entitled by right - and the law of this country - to their protection and privacy. That is where we are. They, and others, are working to ensure there is adequate disclosure regarding to their pay and conditions of employment.

"We have said we would do that and today we have said we will do that sooner than we thought."

The PAC has asked for a fresh invitation to be sent out to the remuneration committee.

The Rehab board will also be asked to hand over details on what consultancy work former CEO Frank Flannery has done, his pension and whether he was invited to go before the committee last week.

Chairman John McGuinness said the agency had one week to reply and then it would be hauled back in if necessary.

A spokesman for Rehab said it would provide all information by Thursday.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 8, 2014
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