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Islamic State document puts Valley in sharp focus, seeks to usurp Hizbul and Hurriyat space to establish caliphate

ISIS appears to be pursuing a nefarious gameplan to turn Muslim- majority Jammu and Kashmir into a caliphate, a blueprint prepared by its terror masterminds suggests.

Accessed exclusively by India Today TV, the wicked plot for the restive Valley -- already plagued by Pakistan's ISI- sponsored terror -- is documented in an Islamic State publication.

It calls for carnage in the Himalayan region, extolling jihad and the group's trademark narrative of hate against democratic rule.

In a series of spiteful paragraphs, the ISIS has also tried to instigate a dangerous guerrilla warfare with the Army.

" You are not fighting a strong army but idol worshippers, drinkers of cow urine," reads one of the passages from the Kashmir- centric article in the terror journal.

" These are the weakest forces. You must attack them. You must surround them.

Wherever you find them, kill them. Follow

continued from page 1 them to the skies, if you have to." Alongside this dangerous incitement, the terror group also plans to eliminate any traces of liberal Islam, its moderate Sufi roots, from the Valley, the blueprint reveals.

" Kill bad clerics who are only rumour mongers. Commit yourself into massacring them," says ISIS in its characteristic rant for a caliphate based on eighth- century Islam and the Sharia law.

In the nut, the ISIS plan centres around annihilating various organs of a democratic state -- security forces, political and religious representatives and established rule of law -- by invoking fundamentalist Islam.

" Infidels have captured Kashmir for a long time, but Kashmiris have never been silent against infidels. They have always sought freedom," said the eight- page article.

" But unfortunately, they were not initiated in the right direction. Political parties and organisations took advantage of their sacrifices," it claimed.

The ISIS write- up then glorified Islamic State and its ballyhooed caliphate as the only representative of true Islam.

" The Islamic caliphate witnessed a renaissance, which diminished the influence of political parties and organisations. The Islamic caliphate provided the right direction and led Muslims to true faith. Just like the rest of the world, the people of Kashmir will witness the rise of the Islamic caliphate," the article claimed.

The group doesn't spare even Pakistan as part of its plot to build a base of its own terror forces in Kashmir.

" Kill the officials and spies of Indian RAW and Pakistan's ISI. Don't give them the benefit of the doubt," reads a passage.

" These are the people who have sold off their religion and therefore quality for punishment by Allah. Their names may be Muslim, but they have discarded Sharia, just as an arrow escapes the bow." Loaded with its distinctive venom, the ISIS piece called upon potential terrorists to mount fatal attacks.

ISIS clip shows terrorists threatening J& K youth

must be crushed. Sharia must be dominant. Allah will help those who follow him. We pray to Allah to show Kashmiris the right direction. Islam must reside in their hearts.

" We pray to Allah to dispel their obstacles. That is how the path for a caliphate will be made," the article read.

Emboldened by the separatistfuelled unrest, terrorists are attempting to plunge the entire valley into a deeper crisis, with their own brand of radical Islam.

In a video, issued purportedly by militant commander Zakir Musa and his Taliban- e- Kashmir, masked militants could be seen holding guns with audio threatening youth for their western lifestyle and dresses.

" The youth of Kashmir are wearing jeans, and girls apply make- up. We are totally against it," says a voice in the footage.

" We will murder your children and you will not see their future.

We warn all of Kashmir in the name of Taliban and Zakir Musa." Zakir Musa has recently declared Sharia as his sole goal for Kashmir.

Formerly Hizbul Mujahideen, he recently founded the Taliban- e- Kashmir group. Musa is believed to have successfully poached more than a dozen cadre from Hizbul.

The terrorist leader has also been successful in developing a support base among the Kashmiri youth following radical Islam over mystical Sufism, which highly placed security sources say is losing appeal in the state.

" Musa has been able to break away 12 to 15 of his former Hizbul Mujahideen cadre and take them with him to the Taliban- e- Kashmir, which is an attempt to attract more youth and give a push to militancy," said a senior security official.

On May 10, Musa, an engineering dropout, delivered an audio address, declaring war on Hurriyat separatists and advocating the beheading of the separatist leaders at Lal Chowk. In the same address, he announced his allegiance to a pan- Islamic caliphate as he parted ways with Hizbul Mujahideen.

against infidels. They have always sought freedom. But unfortunately, they were not initiated in the right direction. Political parties and organisations took advantage of their sacrifices."

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Date:Jun 10, 2017
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