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REVEALED! WHAT THOSE SEXY DREAMS MEAN!; Are your dream time fantasies enough to make you blush? Don't worry - we all have them! And they could contain valuable clues to help you put a spark into your waking hours, as LINDA UDALL reports...

F you've ever woken up after having a really sexy dream and wished it could have gone on and on and on, that's because our dream world is often more horny than the real thing!

When we sleep, our dreams take us into a fantasy land where anything can happen - like making love to the woman in the newsagents or being carried off in the arms of a randy fireman.

But what do all those erotic images mean? Dream expert Anna Treacher believes that if you learn how to unlock the code of your sexiest dreams, you could find out how to spice up your love life and turn your fantasies into reality.

Here are some typical sex-dreams to help you discover what yours mean...


1. Paul is a 32-year-old financial wizard, who lives with a nurse. From a poor family, he's always been driven to succeed and earn money. The rewards are great, but so is the stress.

Paul's dream:

"I drive into a car park and see a group of Hell's Angels hanging around outside. They look quite menacing and I feel apprehensive but I'm fascinated by their incredible motorbikes. They go into a cafe but a gorgeous blonde female biker stays outside. `Want a ride?' she asks me in a really sexy voice. She's wearing a very short leather skirt and no knickers and I can see everything. I hop on the bike behind her and we speed off. After a while, she pulls over into a secluded wooded area. She stops the bike and seduces me. We have sex with her leaning across the bike."

What it means:

Wild women and rampant, unattached sex are common themes in male dreams. Motorbikes symbolise a need to re-evaluate your life and decide what is important to you, while the presence of leather indicates hard work to achieve an aim. But what this dream is really trying to tell Paul is that he needs to break away and do something wild.

2. Sue is a 35-year-old teacher, married but with no children. Her husband is also a teacher and they are both very ambitious and have devoted their time to their careers.

Sue's dream:

"I'm at home marking papers when I see flames coming out of the house opposite and phone the fire brigade. Very quickly the firemen have the blaze under control and one of them asks who reported the incident. I tell him it was me, and he asks to come inside my house to take some details down. He looks so horny in his uniform - he's very young and athletic and has built up a sweat.

"I ask him if he would like to take a shower and show him where the bathroom is. When I take him clean towels he's already under the shower covered in soap. He sees me staring at him and without saying a word, he steps out, pulls me towards him, kisses me passionately and then undresses me. We make love there and then on the bathroom floor and it's the best sex I've ever had."

What it means:

This is a very common dream with career women. Sue isn't necessarily bored with her husband or her marriage, it's just that they are so busy giving their time to others they've probably forgotten how to indulge each other's fantasies. Sue could have just as good sex with her husband, but she needs to find time - that's why her dream depicted fast and furious sex. And the fireman is significant. She obviously wanted to rekindle the wilder side of her love life before she became bogged down with work.

3. Julia, 40, is a housewife. She's been married for 15 years and has two kids but feels there has to be more to life. Her wealthy husband tells her she's imagining things.

Julia's dream:

"I'm in a photographer's studio wearing a very short dress. I sit down on a huge 70s-style cane chair and the photographer starts snapping, shouting instructions all the time: `Lean forward... hold your arms together... more leg.'

"I go through a whole series of poses until I'm stripped to my underwear. The photographer tells me that I'm a stunner and I take off all my clothes, posing and pouting for the camera. I feel really exposed but so excited."

What it means:

Poor Julia. Countless women experience boredom at a certain point in their marriage and this dream reflects that. Being photographed in this way indicates that Julia craves stimulation and would love to be desired and adored. The dream is telling her to introduce some excitement into her marriage. She might coax her husband out of a rigid pattern of life which he may find boring too, but doesn't know how to change.

5. Steve is a 42-year-old builder who is happily married with two kids. His wife has a part-time job in a shop and is home early to look after the children.

Steve's dream:

"I've just finished work and stop off for a drink on the way home. I'm having a pint in my local when the governor introduces me to two new barmaids he's just taken on.

"They're both younger than me and look terrific. I have a few more pints for Dutch courage and keep buying them drinks until eventually they stagger off to the ladies' loo.

"I put my pint down and follow them in. At first they're both a bit shocked. But I start touching them up and they love it. After lots of snogging, I get one of them to keep an eye-out and take the other into the cubicle and give her one standing up. Then I get the other one in and do the same to her. After having sex with both of them, I do my zip up and just leave the pub and go home."

What it means:

"This dream isn't unusual for a middle-aged man with a settled home life. He says he loves his wife and therefore wouldn't want to be unfaithful to her, but they probably have less sex now than they did before the children were born. Steve obviously needs excitement, so he should tell his wife he wants to spice up their love life. The fact that in his dream he made love to two women who were younger than him means he wants to grab as much excitement as he can - in one go. And because he rushed home afterwards shows he's home-loving and not to happy about cheating on his wife. Understanding Your Sexual Dreams, by Anna Treacher, is published by Sunburst Books,pounds 9.99
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Author:Udall, Linda
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 11, 1996
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