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2ND GENERAL HOSPITAL LANDSTUHL, GERMANY, PSYCHIATRIC UNIT STAFF, WARD 1AB, 1974-1978 Spring, San Antonio, TX, Contact: Nancy McGreevy. Ph: 205-401-3167, Email:, or Bill Pierce, Ph: 435-896-3382, Email: RAPID DEPLOYMENT JOINT TASK FORCE (RDJTF) 40TH ANNIVERSARY March 2-3, MacDill AFB, FL, Contact: Larry Curl, Ph: 727-579-8336, Email:, or Cal Lloyd, Ph: 813-417-4627, Email:


TRADEVMAN ASSOCIATION (TD RATING) Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 2020, Orlando, FL, Contact: Michael LeBlanc, Ph: 919-368-8793 or Vic Vydra, Ph: 619-368-2129, Email:, Facebook: Tradevman Association



377 SECURITY POLICE SQUADRON (6220 APS, 6250 APS) TAN SON NHUT AB, RVN April 1-5, Nashville, TN, Contact: Tim Clifford. Ph: 609-471-4923, Email:


* Searching for anyone who served onboard the USS Worden (CG-18) between March 1979 and April 1980 who may have information on the missile accident in the forward missile room. Contact: Charles Baugher, Email:, Address: 233 S. Main Street, Boonsboro, MD 21713.

* Searching for anyone who knows the names of the first sergeant, N Company, who was a captain of the 7th Comm Bat. in Vietnam in 1968, Tet Offensive, Da Nang. Contact: Todd. Ph: 701-269-4588.

* Searching for all Air Force truck drivers who drove for Special Express in Cat Lai, Vietnam, 1966-1967. Contact: Larry Fauchier, Ph: 580-363-3837.

* Searching for all who served 1st Aerial Port Squadron, 1964-1970, Lockbourne AFB, Columbus, OH. Contact: DJ Mach, Ph: 218-349-3134, Email:

* Searching for Julian Rodriquez, originally from Crystal City, TX, or anyone who knows him. We served together with B Battery. 93rd AAA Gun Battalion artillery, July 1953-Aug. 1953 in Fairbanks, AK. Also searching for any member who served during this time. Contact: Rudolfo C. Rivera, Address: P.O. Box 5652, Corpus Christi, TX 78465-5652.

* Searching for anyone who served with the Coast Guard Squadron 1, Division 11, in An Thoi, Vietnam, during 1968-1969 on the Repair Force. Contact: Ronald Hirth, Ph: 860-749-0475, Email:

* Searching for anyone who served with Roch Bazinet during WWII in the Army Air Corps. Contact: Navy veteran Chris Guimond, Ph: 401-654-9481.

* Searching for anyone who served in Company 714, NRTC Great Lakes, 1968-1969. Contact: Jim Bryant, Ph: 270-776-2614, Email:

* Searching for anyone who knows the whereabouts of acting Sgt. David A. Bell from Coral Gables, FL, who served with the 82nd Airborne, Signal Battalion, Base Operation Platoon in 1962. Contact: Grant C. Flott, Address: 12156 Sandra Lane, Omaha, NE 68137.

* Searching for Navy crew members who served on LCM 920 in Dec. 1970. Contact: Robert Matovick, Email:

* Searching for any Marine who served in Dog Company, 2nd Battalion. 1st Marines, March 1953-May 1954. Contact: Gary M. McCord, Ph: 610-856-7757.

* Searching for all personnel who served with the 728th Military Police Battalion, U.S. Army, 1950 to present. Contact: David Shafer, Ph: 573-528-9170, Email:

* Searching for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Rico Dial Quinto who served as an E-3 in the Navy stationed out of Baltimore, MD. Contact: Walter Brogdon, Ph: 865-577-2668 or 865-406-4603, Email:

* Searching for anyone who served as a Medic Marine in G Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, in An Hoa, Vietnam, Oct. 1966-April 1967. Contact: Martin Diamond, Email:

* Searching for Bill Zuick from Lake Tahoe, CA, who served with me in Army, Division C Company, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Brigade, 2nd of 12th Battalion, Contact: Charles T. Marshall, Ph: 765-827-3186, or 765-914-2580, Address: 2688 E. Adams Street. Connersville, IN 47331.

* Searching for anyone who served with Charlie Company, 1/27th Wolfhounds of the 25th Division in July 1967 near Rach Lach Canal out of Cu Chi. Contact: William Brown, Ph: 336-260-5043, Email:

* Searching for anyone who was part of the 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, 1966-1969, Vietnam, Bearcat/Dong Tarn. Contact: Jim Haines, Ph: 303-809-1815, Email:

* Searching for Juanita Andrews, last known assignment was 2nd floor at the base hospital Dyess AFB, TX, former SGT Air Force Reserve, McChord AFB, WA. Contact: Frank E. Shirley, Ph; 509-388-5903. Address: 6803 Clinton Way, Yakima, WA 98908.

* Searching for members of the 8th Cavalry, 34th Armor/4th Division Fort Lewis, Washington, who were participants in the Cuban Missile Crisis activation, 1962-1963.

* Searching for anyone who served with me in the HMSC 185th Maintenance Battalion in Long Binh Supply Yard, Vietnam, 1969-1970. We were in direct support of the 11th Armored Cavalry. Contact: Ray Lewis, Ph: 417-260-4461, Email:

* Searching for David Lee Emerick who went to flight school with me at Fleet Sonar School, Key West, spring of 1963. Contact: Bill Bzdula, Email:

* Searching for Air Force medical staff stationed at the Medical Hospital, Westover AFB, 99th Bomb Wing, 1970-1974. Contact; Howard Clapper. Email:

* Searching for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Brenda {Blount} Graham, stationed with me at Charleston AB, SC, 1974-1977. Contact: PJ, Ph; 850-322-6312, Email:

* Searching for Navy VP-47 veterans who may have served with me between October 1969 and July 1972. Especially interested in aircrew who deployed to Naha, Okinawa, Jan. 1970 and to Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam. Contact: Steve Boyte, Ph: 318-665-0445, Email:, Address: 503 Guthrie Road. Sterlington. LA 71280.

* Searching for Helen Byrd, RN, at the Naval Ordnance plant in Macon, GA, in 1963. Contact: Capt. J. Bilak, Ph: 719-850-9025, Email:

* Searching for my long-lost brother Alan Warren Earley, USMC, DOB 12/24/29 or 12/24/30. Last known to reside in Camp Pendleton, CA. Contact: Bob Earley,

Ph: 817-361-7987, Email: Address: 3548 Wosley Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76133.

* Searching for Vietnam veteran Steve Branch, Chu Lai (Dong Ba Thin), 1966-1967. Contact: Bill Strouse, Email:

* Searching for anyone who served in C Battery, 3rd Battalion, 7th Artillery, Hawkmissle (Mobile) Bamberg, Germany, July 1966-May 1968. Contact: David VanHoose, Ph: 606-265-3499.

* Searching for R.E. Hansen, who attended boot camp at MCRD San Diego in the summer of 1970. Contact: Michael Ponomareff, Ph: 320-563-8234.

* Searching for Richard Miller AA from Claremore, OK, who served in Vietnam aboard the USS Constellation (CVA-64) in 1967. Contact: Roger Calhoun, Ph: 318-285-0344, or 547-7832.

* Searching for anyone who served at Ubon RTAFB Thailand, May 1973-April 1974. Contact: Sammy J. Parsons, Ph: 252-432-6380, Address: 675 Parsons Lane, Oxford, NC 27565.

* Searching for Lt. Leary, second tour Co. D., 2/18 Infantry. Contact: Al Coudriet, Address: P.O. Box 105, Belleville, PA 17004.

* Searching for anyone who knows Lt. Johnson, from Corpus Christi Naval Hospital in Texas. Contact: BM1 (Boats) Guillory, Ph: 832-922-5752.

* Searching for anyone who served at Travis Air Force Base from 1969-1971. Contact: Matthew Charity, Ph: 704-307-8187, Email:

* Searching for anyone who knows Roy Schofied who served in Germany 1958-1959. Contact: Terry, Ph: 617-438-9510.

* Searching for Freddie Footman "Baldheaded Freddie" who served in Company A, 121st Signal Battalion at Fort Riley, KS, during Vietnam, 1973-1976. Contact: Brian Lynott, Ph: 937-717-8497, Email:

* Searching for Lt. Juanita Andrews who served in the Reserve Squadron at McChord AFB. Contact: Frank E. Shirley, Ph: 509-388-5903, Address: 6803 Clinton Way, Yakima, WA 98908.

* Searching for personnel and flight crew who served on the 1707th Air Transport Wing, C-124Cs, 1959-1962 at Tinker AFB, OK. Especially searching for Robert Renfro, Robert Weist, James Powers and Michael Dennis. Contact: Bruce W. Spicer, 56610 Oak Leaf Road, Kerrick, MN 55756. Ph: 218-496-0552, Email:

* Searching for Gary Kuducik, Lavon Stanley and Charles White who served in the 525th QM Co. POL section, in 1967. Contact: Don Clifton, Address: 805 Rogers Street, Gadsden. AL 35901.

* Searching for anyone who served with me in boot camp Company 529, PO Waring. Great Lakes, IL. in 1963. Contact: Robert C. Pond, Ph: 607-425-2928, Address: 6515 15th Street, St. East Lot L22. Sarasota, FL 34243.

* Searching for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Army veteran John/Jon Beech/Beach from New Hampshire who served with the 9th Infantry Army in Vietnam flying off the USS Benewah. Contact: William Keith, Email:, Address: 224 Yarmouth Road, Gray, ME 04039.

* Searching for anyone serving in Vietnam during 1970-1971 in 92nd Assault Helicopter Company at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Contact: Bill Jewell, Ph: 410-708-4530, Email:

* Searching for Don Dinger or any other fellow veterans who served in India Company, 1st Marine Division, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, in Vietnam from 1969-1970. Contact: Henry Magee, Email:

* Searching for anyone who served in the U.S. Army in the 213th Aviation Unit in Pyongtaek, Korea, during 1973 under Major Robert J. Quesinberry. Contact: Jerry Jacobs, Ph: 843-464-9659, Email:

* Searching for anyone who served with Combat Engineering 1371, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Division, at An Hoa, Jan. 1969-Aug. 1970. Contact:

Dave Costello, Email:

* Searching for Donnie and Ronnie Long, USAF in Gainesville, TX. Also members of Misawa Dusters, Misawa, Japan, 1963-1966. Contact: Eddie Sellers, Ph: 208-722-5964.

* Searching for anyone who knows the whereabouts of T. Sgt. Roberson, aka "Squirrel," who was stationed at Hahn Air Base in Germany during 1981. Contact: James Taylor, Ph: 903-762-2257.


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