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 WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- National Center for Animation (NCA), the newest entity at Capital Children's Museum, brings animation to the public and to children with its first major exhibition, "Chuck Jones: An Animated Life," the museum announced today. This exhibit, which opened on Nov. 6, is a retrospective of the life and art of Chuck Jones, the legendary animator and creator of Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Pepe Le Pew.
 Using Jones' art as its base, this exhibit illustrates the genesis and development of animation. "Jones' life embraces the entire history of animation," said Stefan Kanfer, noted journalist, author, and guest curator of the exhibit. "This major American art form began to flourish at the same time as Chuck Jones' career. It is not a mere coincidence that Chuck's success also defines the success of the industry."
 "Chuck Jones: An Animated Life" uncovers Jones' abundant sense of humor, his keen observation skills, his agile drawing hand and his ability to create characters. Over 150 cels, model sheets and original sketches of characters such as Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Daffy Duck and Pepe Le Pew, many of which have never been displayed before, are exhibited.
 In addition to honoring the work of Chuck Jones, this exhibit encourages visitors to learn and to interact. The Observe! & Draw! Gallery contains a fully equipped studio where everyone from the drawing- shy person to the aspiring animator can use the professional tools of the trade. The gallery

uses images of the real roadrunner and coyote to help visitors sharpen their observation skills. Fossils, skulls, books, a bird feeder (to attract birds) and interactive displays are some resources available to those who wish to observe -- and draw.
 In the Walk Through a Cartoon area, visitors can experience life- size versions of some of Chuck's favorite cartoons such as "What's Opera, Doc?", "One Froggy Evening", and "Duck Amuck". Special areas provide further hands-on access to the different elements of creating an animated cartoon -- the conceptual work (presented through a series of computer games), drawing, sounds, the development of character and assembly. The Acme Sound Effects Shop promises to be a favorite and everyone will enjoy the opportunity to perform live in one of Chuck's cartoons.
 Fourteen video monitors highlighting cartons and feature length films directed by Chuck Jones can be found throughout the three floors of the exhibit. Included in the video library are interviews with celebrities, including Steven Speilberg, George Lucas and Robin Williams, whose careers have been influenced by Chuck.
 For the animation enthusiast, the exhibit is a watershed of valuable insight into one of animation's major figures. For the animation novice, it promises an understanding of the enthusiast's passion for Jones' works. For children, the exhibit is particularly revelatory, a chance to learn more about cartoons and how they are made. For everyone, there is an opportunity to meet Chuck Jones in a way that few others have.
 Capital Children's Museum has housed the only known public access animation lab since 1989. Over 50 animation pieces have been produced by "young" animators from ages 3-70. "We have watched animation open new worlds for children," said Ann Lewin, president and founder of The National Learning Center. The museum founded The National Center for Animation in 1992 to foster the study and enjoyment of animation as an art form. The NCA explores animation as a teaching medium for many disciplines including math, science, physics, vocabulary and creative writing.
 Chuck Jones, his daughter Linda, his granddaughter Valerie Kausen, and his wife, Marian, all took part in the development of this exhibit. Stefan Kanfer serves as the guest curator. Ann Lewin, founder of the Capital Children's Museum, and producer of all its other major exhibits, directed the exhibit team that stretched from coast to coast and included a talented team of California high school students.
 Cartoon Network, a 24-hour basic cable service and the newest entity of Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc., is the sponsor of "Chuck Jones: An Animated Life." Betty Cohen, executive vice president of the Cartoon Network said, "This collaboration excites us on many levels. Not only are we great fans of Chuck Jones' work, we are also committed to the development of children's creativity through animation."
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