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RETRO REPORT; Welsh teachers vote to keep the cane.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1984 - How we covered...

TWO-THIRDS of Welsh teachers want to retain the cane, according to a national survey published today.

The latest assessment of attitudes within the profession shows that teachers in Wales and the Midlands are more reluctant to part with corporal punishment than those elsewhere.

All but one of the major teaching unions now favours abolition and the survey shows that nationally, the proportion of classroom teachers disagreeing with that stance has fallen yet again to just over 50%.

The survey, commissioned by the Times Educational Supplement, also reveals that for the first time in recent years, Labour has supplanted the Conservatives as the most popular political party with the profession.

The Tories have even dropped to third place behind the Alliance, despite having had a clear lead in previous preference polls.

The TES concludes that spending cuts and discontent over pay are prime factors in the shift of allegiance.

The survey showed that nine out of 10 teachers thought they were held in lower public esteem than a decade ago.

And overwhelming proportions disagreed with the notions that either their pay should be lower than for less secure jobs or it should be given a lower priority than money for school books.

Despite the political findings, the poll disclosed that, on average, teachers were still quite conservative on key educational issues.

And a breakdown on rough regional lines showed that those in Wales and the Midlands were more conservative than the rest.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 21, 2012
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