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TIMBO is a dark yellow (fox red) Lab. During both hunting and training situations, Timbo is beyond a doubt the most focused Lab any of us have ever seen. In the duck blind, the switch is on. Conversely, he turns the switch off in the house. He exhibits loads of style and drive, has a fantastic nose, is steady and quiet in the blind, but all business when cast. His conformation is representative of the breed standard.

For the past 15 years. Bill Gibson has studied, trained and learned how to apply low-force training methods from masters in the United Kingdom, Ireland and U.S. Bill and his dogs have won Team and Gundog Challenges in Northern Ireland. He has also served as a judge for the British Field Trial Society of America. A retired law enforcement officer, Bill is the Director of Gundog Operations for Mossy Oak GameKeeper Kennels.

Presented by Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Kennels

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Date:Mar 16, 2019
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