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Accelerators: Mar-Apr, 58-60; Jul-Aug, 26-33

Agile: Mar-Apr, 17-26

AI: See Artificial Intelligence

Amazon: Jan-Feb, 13-19

Andrews, Daniel: Snakes and Ladders in Servitization: Using a Game to Capture Inhibitors and Enablers of Transformation, Nov-Dec, 37-47

Artificial Intelligence: Jul-Aug, 11-15; Sep-Oct, 12-14

Baines, Tim: See Andrews

Beamish, Paul W.: Joint Ventures in China Revisited, Commentary, May-Jun, 38-40

Best Practice: Mar-Apr, 47-55

Bigdeli, Ali Ziaee: See Andrews

Blank, Steve: The Genesis and Future of Lean Startup, Conversations, Sep-Oct, 15-21

Botte, Gerardine G.: See Jones

Brunswicker, Sabine: The Adoption of Open Innovation in Large Firms, Jan-Feb, 35-45

Burek, Susan: See Kalish

Business Experiments: Mar-Apr, 27-35

Business Model Innovation: Mar-Apr, 27-35; Jul-Aug, 52-54; Nov-Dec, 13-19

Butler, Allison G.: When Cognition Interferes with Innovation, Managers at Work, Jul-Aug, 45-50

Carpenter, Richard: See von Zedtwitz

Change Management: Jul-Aug, 16-24

Chawla, Surendra: Looking Outside for Innovation, Innovation C-Scape, May-Jun, 64

Chesbrough, Henry: See Brunswicker

China: May-Jun, Special Issue

Cognitive Obstacles: Jul-Aug, 45-50

Conversations: Jan-Feb, 13-19; Mar-Apr, 10-16; May-Jun, 11-15; Jul-Aug, 11-15; Sep-Oct, 15-21; Nov-Dec, 13-19

Cooper, Robert G.: Agile-Stage-Gate for Manufacturers, Mar-Apr, 17-26

Corporate Venturing: Mar-Apr, 58-60; Jul-Aug, 26-33

Cosner, Raymond: See Witzeman

Costello, Amy: See Kalish

Crews, Christian: Automating the Future of Foresight, Futures Praxis, May-Jun, 55-56

Culture/Culture Change: Jan-Feb, 58-59, 64-67; May Jun, 51-54, 59-61; Jul-Aug, 9-10, 11-15

Customer Experience Innovation: Jul-Aug, 11-15

Daffner, Martin: See von Zedtwitz

de Bruijn, Erik J.: Joint Ventures in China Face New Rules of the Game, May-Jun, 41-47

Design Thinking: Jul-Aug, 45-50

Diener, Kathleen: See Zynga

Digital Innovation: Jul-Aug, 11-15

Digital Strategy: Sep-Oct, 66-68

Digitalization: Jul-Aug, 56-57; Sep-Oct, 22-30, 66-68

Disruptive Innovation: Jan-Feb, 13-19; Jul-Aug, 52-54

Dmitrijeva, Jekaterina: See Andrews

Duvert, Corentin: See Mahmoud-Jouini

Dwyer, Johanna: Academic Spin-Offs and Technology Transfer in Europe: Best Practices and Breakthrough Models, Review, May-Jun, 61-62

Ecosystem Strategy: Mar-Apr, 10-16

Emerging Markets: Jan-Feb, 46-57

Environmental Sustainability: Mar-Apr, 37-46

Esquirol, Mathilde: See Mahmoud-Jouini

Ethics: May-Jun, 59-61

Euchner, Jim: Innovation Succession, From the Editor, Jan-Feb, 11-12; Lean Innovation, From the Editor, Mar-Apr, 8-9; The Emergence of Innovation in China, From the Editor, May-Jun, 9-10; The Parable of the Soil, From the Editor, Jul-Aug, 10-11; The Internet of Things, From the Editor, Sep-Oct, 10-11; Breaking Boundaries, From the Editor, Nov-Dec, 9-10; See Ganguly; See Rossman, Iansiti, Zhu, Nadella, Blank, Mark Johnson

Forum: Jan-Feb, 61-63; May-Jun, 57-58

From the Editor: Jan-Feb, 11-12; Mar-Apr, 8-9; May-Jun, 9-10; Jul-Aug, 10-11; Sep-Oct, 10-11; Nov-Dec, 9-10

Future of Innovation: Jul-Aug, 35-43

Futures Praxis: May-Jun, 55-56

Ganguly, Abhijit: Conducting Business Experiments, Mar-Apr, 27-35

Gao, Xudong: Reflections on "Effective Strategies to Catch Up in the Era of Globalization," Commentary, May-Jun, 16-17; Effective Strategies to Catch Up in the Era of

Globalization, May-Jun, 19-25

Globalization: May-Jun, 19-25

Gobble, Mary Anne M.: Rethinking the Silicon Valley Myth, Resources, Jan-Feb, 64-67; The Varieties of Corporate Venturing, Resources, Mar-Apr, 58-60; Innovation and Ethics in China, Resources, May-Jun, 59-61; Digitalization, Digitization, and Innovation, Resources, Jul-Aug, 56-57; Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation, Resources, Sep-Oct, 66-68; The Importance of Management Innovation, Resources, Nov-Dec, 54-58

Gong, Li: See von Zedtwitz

Gray, Gary: Focus on the Customer, Innovation C-Scape, Sep-Oct, 72

Gritzo, Louis: More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First, Review, Jan-Feb, 67; Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations, Review, Jul-Aug, 59; The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results, Review, Nov-Dec, 57-58

Hamalainen, Seppo: See von Zedtwitz

Heinis, Timon B.: Improving Usage Metrics for Pay-per-Use Pricing with IoT Technology and Machine Learning, Sep-Oct, 32-40

Henderson, Pamela: See Witzeman

Holland Award: See Maurice Holland Award

Hubs: Mar-Apr, 10-16

Human Resources: Sep-Oct, 51-61

Hummel, Edward: See Slowinski

Iansiti, Marco: Competing in Ecosystems, Conversations, Mar-Apr, 10-16

Ihl, Christoph: See Zynga

Ikeda, Tadashi: See von Zedtwitz

Incubators: Mar-Apr, 58-60

Indigenous Innovation: See Local Innovation

Industry-University Relationships: Sep-Oct, 62-64; Nov-Dec, 31-36

Innovation-Based Differentiation: May-Jun, 16-17

Innovation C-Scape: Jan-Feb, 68; Mar-Apr, 64; May-Jun, 64; Jul-Aug, 60; Sep-Oct, 72; Nov-Dec, 64

Innovation Counterculture: Mar-Apr, 56-57; Sep-Oct, 62-64

Innovation for Innovators: Jan-Feb, 58-59; Jul-Aug, 52-55; Nov-Dec, 48-49

Innovation Partnerships: Nov-Dec, 31-36

Innovation Push: Mar-Apr, 47-55

Innovation Research Interchange (IRI): 2018 R&D Trends Forecast: Results from the Industrial Research

Institute's Annual Survey, Jan-Feb, 23-34

Intellectual Property: May-Jun, 11-15, 51-54

International R&D: May-Jun, 29-36

Internet of Things: Sep-Oct, Special Issue

IRI Achievement Award: Nov-Dec, 21, 28-30

IRI Medal: Nov-Dec, 20, 22-27

Jia, Xianfeng: See de Bruijn

Johnson, Albert: Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing, Review, Sep-Oct, 68-69; See Slowinski

Johnson, Barry: The National Science Foundation: Innovation through Partnerships, Nov-Dec, 31-36

Johnson, Mark: Developing New Business Models, Conversations, Nov-Dec, 13-19

Joint Ventures: May-Jun, 38-40, 41-47

Jones, Paul M.: A Straightforward Route to Sensor Selection for IoT Software, Sep-Oct, 41-50

Kalish, Debbie: Integrating Sustainability into New Product Development, Mar-Apr, 37-46

Kong, David: Technology and Community, Innovation C-Scape, Jul-Aug, 60

Kuester, Sabine: See von Janda

Kurpjuweit, Stefan: Supplier Innovation Push, Mar-Apr, 47-55

Latecomer Disadvantage: May-Jun, 16-17, 19-25

Le, Tan: The NeuroGeneration, IRI Achievement Award, Nov Dec, 28-30

Lean Innovation: Mar-Apr, 8-9

Lean Startup: Mar-Apr, 27-35; Sep-Oct, 15-21

LeCun, Yann: The Power and Limits of Deep Learning, IRI Medal, Nov-Dec, 22-27

Leighton, Glenn J. T.: See Jones

Leksell, Markus: See Sjodin

Libraries: Jan-Feb, 58-59

Lichtenthaler, Ulrich: Substitute or Synthesis, Point of View, Sep-Oct, 12-14

Lipkie, Tristan: See Zaharee

Lonne, Quentin: See Jones

Loy, Christoph L.: See Heinis

Luttgens, Dirk: See Zynga

Machine Learning: May-Jun, 55-56; Sep-Oct, 32-40; Nov-Dec, 22-27

Mahmoud-Jouini, Sihem Ben: Key Factors in Building a Corporate Accelerator Capability, Jul-Aug, 26-33

Management Innovation: Nov-Dec, 54-58

Managers@Work: Jul-Aug, 45-50

Maurice Holland Award: Jan-Feb, 10; Nov-Dec, 11

Meboldt, Mirko: See Heinis

Mehlman, Stewart K.: See Zaharee

Metrics: Jan-Feb, 13-19; Sep-Oct, 32-40

Microfoundations: Jul-Aug, 16-24

Mutnuri, Srikanth: See Jones

Nadella, Satya: Navigating Digital Transformation, Conversations, Jul-Aug, 11-15

National Science Foundation: Nov-Dec, 31-36

New Business Innovation: Jul-Aug, 9-10

New Product Development: Mar-Apr, 17-26, 37-46

Neylon, Susan K.: See Zaharee

Open Innovation: Jan-Feb, 35-45; Jul-Aug, 16-24, 26-33

Orellana, Stephanie: Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More, Review, Mar-Apr, 61-62; Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World, Review, Jul-Aug, 58-59

Parida, Vinit: See Sjodin

Patents: May-Jun, 51-54

Petrovic, Aleksandar: See Sjodin

Piller, Frank: See Zynga

Point of View: Sep-Oct, 12-14

Professional Development: Sep-Oct, 51-61

R&D Intensity: May-Jun, 27-28

R&D Leadership: Jul-Aug, 35-43

Reinerth, Dagmar: See Kurpjeweit

Resources: Jan-Feb, 64-67; Mar-Apr, 58-60; May-Jun, 59-61; Jul-Aug, 56-67; Sep-Oct, 66-68; Nov-Dec, 54-58

Reverse Innovation: Jan-Feb, 46-57

Roberto, Michael A.: See Butler

Rossman, John: Innovation the Amazon Way, Conversations, Jan-Feb, 13-19

Scherb, Bruno: See Zynga

Schuhmacher, Monika C.: See von Janda

Schwartz, Lawrence: See Kalish

Scott, Kevin: Technology to Empower People, Innovation C-Scape, Mar-Apr, 64

Sensor Selection: Sep-Oct, 41-50

Servitization: Sep-Oct, 32-40; Nov-Dec, 37-47

Silicon Valley: Jan-Feb, 64-67

Sjodin, David R.: Smart Factory Implementation and Process Innovation: A Preliminary Maturity Model for Leveraging Digitalization in Marketing, Sep-Oct, 22-30

Slowinski, Gene: Building University Relationships in Today's China, Commentary, May-Jun, 49-50; Building University Relationships in China, May-Jun, 51-54

Smart Factory: Sep-Oct, 22-30

Smith, Roger: A Spring in the Desert, Innovation for Innovators, Jan-Feb, 58-59; Winning at New Products: Creating Value Through Innovation, Review, Mar-Apr, 60-61; Modeling Disruption, Innovation for Innovators, Jul-Aug, 52-55; [Phrase omitted]: The Dangers of Innovation, Innovation for Innovators, Nov-Dec, 48-49; Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything can be Copied, Review, Nov-Dec, 56-57

Sommer, Anita Friis: See Cooper

Stage-Gate: Mar-Apr, 17-26

Story, Bruce: See Slowinski

Strategy: Mar-Apr, 56-57; May-Jun, 19-25; Sep-Oct, 66-68

Supplier Innovation: Mar-Apr, 47-55

Sustainability: See Environmental sustainability

Talaia, Pedro: See Jones

Talent Management: Jul-Aug, 35-43

Talent Retention: Sep-Oct, 51-61

Taylor, John: See Kalish

Technical Hubs: May-Jun, 49-50

Technological Innovation: May-Jun, 19-25

Tirpak, Thomas M.: Beyond the Champion: Institutionalizing Innovation through People, Review, Sep-Oct, 69-70

Trends: Jan-Feb, 23-34

University Research: Sep-Oct, 62-64

Vlaar, Saskia: The Art of Innovation, Innovation C-Scape, Jan-Feb, 68

von Janda, Sergej: Reversing Gears, Jan-Feb, 46-57

von Zedtwitz, Max: Foreign R&D in China at a Crossroads?, Commentary, May-Jun, 27-28; Managing Foreign R&D in China, May-Jun, 29-36

Wagner, Stephan M.: See Kurpjeweit

Welling, Aaron G.: See Witzeman

Williams, Leon: See Jones

Witzeman, J. Stewart: The Future of R&D Leadership, Jul-Aug, 35-43

Wong, Carina: Building Networks to Power Innovation, Innovation C-Scape, Nov-Dec, 64

Wright, Randall S.: Strategy Inversion: Twelve True Principles of Innovation, Innovation Counterculture, Mar-Apr, 56-57; Setting Goals for Sponsoring University Research, Innovation Counterculture, Sep-Oct, 62-64

Zaharee, Mareie: Recruitment and Retention of Early Career Technical Talent, IRI Research, Sep-Oct, 51-61

Zhang, Megan (Min): See Beamish

Zhu, Hengyuan: The Evolution of China's Innovation Capability, Conversations, May-Jun, 11-15

Zynga, Andy: Making Open Innovation Stick, Jul-Aug, 16-24
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Publication:Research-Technology Management
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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