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A TiMe release (in Germany) of a Dagmar Knoepfel Filmproduktion production, in association with HR, BR, WDR, Arte, Das Werk, Cinecam. (International sales: Media Luna, Cologne.)

Produced, directed, written by Dagmar Knoepfel, based on original letters and a treatment by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Camera (Fujicolor), Igor Luther; editor, Edith Eisenstecken; music, Joschi Schumann; art director, Silke Buhr; costume designer, Birgitta Lohrer. Reviewed at Cannes Film Festival (market), May 19, 1999. Original title: Requiem fuer eine romantische Frau. Running time: 100 MIN.

With: Janina Sachau, Sylvester Groth, Jeanette Hain, Felix von Manteuffel, Edgar Selge, Anian Zollner, Michael Koenig, Jan Gregor Kremp, Max Urlacher, Renee Dumont.

Literary in bent, modern-day in its sexual dynamics, "Requiem for a Romantic Woman" is a controlled, modest costumer that's best suited to cultural webs. Based on the true story of a scandalous love between a poet and a teen girl, this sophomore feature by writer-director Dagmar Knoepfel strongly recalls her earlier B&W feature, "Brigitta" (1994), in its poise, observance of social manners and uncommercial approach.

Clemens Brentano (Sylvester Groth) falls for Auguste Bussmann (Janina Sachau), the impulsive 17-year-old daughter of a Frankfurt banker. Cut off by her rich dad, Auguste marries Clemens, who decides to live a "poetic existence." He soon tires of her uninhibited ways, lusty demands and lack of social graces, but finds he can't live without her, either. She, determined to live life like a romantic heroine, makes several attempts at suicide and slowly goes nuts. Partly infuriating, partly compelling, pic is buoyed by an all-out performance from Sachau as the sensual, childlike Auguste. Lensing plays down warmer colors in favor of a cold ocher tone, and the score is classical and chamber-like, befitting the dramatic restraint. Jeanette Hain provides solid support as Clemens' sister Bettine.


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Author:Elley, Derek
Date:Jun 21, 1999
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