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 SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The following comments from representatives from the California business community are reactions to the announcement today that Pacific Bell will invest $16 billion over the next seven years to build California's own "communications superhighway":
 "This new commitment to the state's infrastructure is a true private- public partnership in the best sense. The modernization of the state's infrastructure has been one of CCEEB's top priorities for a long time. We think this is an important step forward if California is to be economically competitive in the next century."
 -- Vic Weisser, president, California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB)
 "Pacific Bell should be commended for making this investment in California's future. Building infrastructure is one of the most important things we can do to improve California's economy. Their investment in telecommunications will not only improve California's infrastructure, but provide badly needed jobs. This kind of investment helps people buy homes and the California building industry will be there to meet those needs. Our industry continues to have confidence in California's future and we are happy to see that companies like Pacific Bell share that confidence."
 -- Cliff Allenby, senior vice president, Governmental Affairs, California Building Industry Association (CBIA)
 "On behalf of all the businesses in the San Fernando Valley represented by the United Chambers of Commerce, we are delighted to hear that our area has been chosen as one of the first beneficiaries of Pacific Bell's decision to build a 'California First' communications superhighway. We welcome the new jobs and new industries this kind of modern telecommunications infrastructure will bring to the area and we look forward to business locating here in order to take advantage of that. This is great news."
 -- Robert Scott, president, United Chambers of Commerce, San Fernando Valley
 "Although Pacific Bell's announcement is extremely welcome in these tough economic times, this is only the first step. The California Public Utilities Commission must now be given a new challenge -- get beyond the regulatory constraints of the 1930s so we don't strangle the technology of the 90s."
 -- Rex Hime, chief executive officer, California Business Properties Association
 "This commitment by Pacific Bell to not only upgrade the state's telecommunications infrastructure but begin California's own 'communications superhighway,' is exactly the kind of 'California First' investment strategy the California Chamber has been calling for as a spur to economic growth. This will mean thousands of new jobs and Pacific Bell and Governor Wilson are to be congratulated."
 -- Kirk West, president, California Chamber of Commerce
 "You can pick up any newspaper and read about the telecommunications investments that are being made by phone companies every day all over the country -- we want to personally applaud and commend Phil Quigley, president of Pacific Bell for his courage -- and foresight -- for making Pacific Bell's investment in the state's infrastructure a California first strategy -- jobs, revenues, taxes all will stay right here. In fact, one of the key findings of the survey the Roundtable has just completed pointedly called for the need for additional investment in infrastructure and education. So, like the governor said, this just isn't an investment in Pacific Bell's future, it's an investment in California's future."
 -- Mary Anderson, executive director, California Business Roundtable
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