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REPEAT/College Students Choose Internet Over Drinking Beer for the First Time Ever: Seizes the Day!; Rush Begins Sept. 15.

LOS ANGELES--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Sept. 15, 1998--Remember the first time you discovered a highlighted textbook and thought you had stumbled onto the Holy Grail? In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the cult classic "Animal House," enter, at, the quintessential online college community.

What once took nearly four years to figure out is now as easy to find as clicking a mouse.

Since its inception, customized sites have been built at for more than 850 colleges and universities serving as a one-stop-spot for students to catch up on current events, get a job, chat, shop, build communities, do research, construct Web sites -- in other words, a place to "get a life." The site is rich with content and services to help students get the most out of their college years: -- Free e-mail with buddy lists -- Job Boards and Resume Builder -- Chat Rooms (voice-to-voice/video-to-video) -- Shopping Mall (local & national stores) -- Local Restaurant Ratings & Housing Info. -- Free Web Pages -- credit card -- no annual fee! -- "Rate Your Romance" through Astrology -- Free online calendaring -- get organized!! -- Daily Soap Opera updates -- Doctor's Advice and a SEXPERT -- 24/7 LIVE D.J.-hosted radio station -- Course Evaluations from Peers -- Uncut, uncensored music videos rarely on TV -- Travel Information (Rough Guides) -- Horoscopes -- Financial Aid/Scholarship Info. -- More than 50 streaming College Radio Stations -- Fast, free online gaming from Heat.Net -- Entertainment News (Daily Variety) -- Free Classifieds & Personals -- Movie Reviews by Gene Siskel -- News from other U.S. Campuses -- Sports Stats and News (CBS SportsLine) -- Local Hangout and Event Information -- Carpool Boards and Weather -- World News (USA Today, Tribune Media) -- Local Television and Movie Schedules -- "Points Program" -- win AMAZING prizes

-- iMALL and MasterCard provide shopping beyond the university bookstore: collaborated with MasterCard and iMALL to provide Web shopping with ease. iMALL ( has built online malls for college towns all over the United States, allowing local and national merchants to sell their goods and services directly to students online. The mall launches on Oct. 1, 1998.

-- Get organized with free online calendaring from Appoint.Net: The site's feature-rich calendaring and scheduling application will allow students to organize everything from class schedules to parties -- online! No need to buy the popular and expensive online calendaring software -- offers the best for free! Students can access their password-protected private calendar from any computer, no plug-ins needed, and automatically insert appointments, dates or events into their friends' and families' calendars! They can even keep an online address book that holds e-mail addresses and other info about their personal contacts.

-- CommTouch keeps students in touch -- even on holiday breaks: enables students to stay in touch with free e-mail through CommTouch. With a free e-mail account, students can check their e-mail from any computer that is connected to the Internet, whether they are at home, at a library, in a cybercafe or on the road. Students can even have their .edu account routed to their account for free.

-- Rough Guides and Headland serve as the travel adviser: Rough Guides and Headland designed and built a co-branded section that contains exclusive customized content geared toward's college audience. From the "Road Trip" link on the home page, visitors will have access to in-depth, opinionated information on more than 4,000 destinations around the world.

-- LIVE radio & guest DJs from schools across the United States -- Request & dedication 24/7!: From alternative to hip-hop, check out animalhouse radio. For the top hits on college campuses and alternative radio, there is AHR. For the metal-minded, we have KNAC. Or listen to what is going on at other schools through more than 50 college radio stations broadcasting live through! It is the only place on the entire Internet where visitors can request songs and DJs will play them.

-- Compete in top multiplayer games against students from other schools: Free multiplayer online gaming is just a click away for students who want to battle live opponents with a co-branded service from and HEAT.NET. Students can play hundreds of top PC games for prizes on both HEAT.NET and the new HEAT Collegiate Internet Gaming League (HEATCIGL). HEATCIGL is the only multiplayer online gaming league that allows college students to go head-to-head with players from other schools, or down the hall, in top games such as Quake 2 and SiN.

-- Create a world outside the classroom with free & funky Web authoring tools: members can build their own Web pages on the Internet, no rent due! The site offers hundreds of templates, graphics, fonts and cutting-edge software providing easy site-building tools without the need to be HTML savvy!

-- Earn HUGE prizes for free just for signing friends up for! The Points Program: Help grow on campus and earn points towards great prizes: Big Screen TVs, VCRs, massage loungers, stereo systems, fax systems and even PCs, tuition and brand-new cars!

-- Content to keep students "in the loop" and on the cutting edge: To keep up with current events, discuss issues, check on the odds of an upcoming game or ask certified physicians for medical advice, content is provided by, USA Today, Tribune Media, CBS SportsLine and Daily Variety and a number of other reputable media outlets. Whatever a starving student is looking for can be found on the site using a version of Infoseek's search technology, Ultraseek Server, the exclusive search engine of the site. About

Slated to launch back-to-school in September 1998, is the quintessential online community designed to meet the cultural, social and educational needs of college students. The site offers insider information on campus life with more than 50 percent of the content created and continually updated by students across the country at more than 850 colleges and universities.

Other added features include free e-mail through CommTouch, online shopping mall with discounts through iMALL (Nasdaq:IMAL), travel information from Rough Guides, online calendaring through Inc., content from USA Today, CBS SportsLine, Tribune Media, Daily Variety, HEAT.NET and, with search capabilities provided by Infoseek (Nasdaq:SEEK) and software provided by Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT).

NOTE: According to a spring 1998 study completed by Student Monitor (, a larger amount of college students said the Internet was "in" more on their campus than drinking beer. For more information and the complete spring 1998 Student Monitor market research portfolio, contact Eric Weil at 201/612-8100 or at
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Date:Sep 16, 1998
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