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REPEAT/ ANDATACO Unveils GigaRAID Fibre Channel Line with Application-Specific Architecture Features.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 1998--ANDATACO (NASDAQ:IPLS) today announced it has started shipping Fibre Channel solutions for its GigaRAID product line for users who need superior performance, high availability, and maximum capacity within server-based enterprise network environments. Available in both RAID and JBOD configurations, the new GigaRAID/FC Series features the flexibility and scalability of the company's Application-Specific Architecture (ASA), integrated with Fibre Channel's complete redundancy, multi-platform support and transparent upgrade path to hardware-based RAID. ANDATACO's Fibre Channel solutions serve as the lynchpin of ANDATACO's overall strategy to offer the highest performing SCSI and Fibre products for its targeted market segments -- oil and gas exploration, technology development, video, data warehouse and OLTP/Database environments.

"We can now satisfy any immediate high-performance demand from customers who are confronting exponential growth in storage requirements and want to ensure unrestricted access to data from anywhere on the network," said W. David Sykes, ANDATACO president. "Users want to enjoy the full benefits of data access regardless of hardware platform, and we are extremely proud to offer them the best value and investment protection on the market. The GigaRAID/FC solution is the latest example of our continuing commitment to simplify data access and maintain our industry leadership position.

"ANDATACO's ASA-based software applications can now run much faster and more reliably over longer distances," Sykes continued. "As a result, users who want to take advantage of the company's server failover, remote mirroring, data replication and data sharing capabilities can now operate with even higher levels of scalability and performance in storage area network (SAN) environments."

The GigaRAID/FC Series consists of three distinct models, starting with the GigaRAID/FC 3400/3500, the successor to the first active/active SCSI RAID product on the market. It protects an investment in SCSI disk technology, allowing configuration of storage pools with scalable performance, availability and capacity. With single or dual active RAID storage processors, redundant fans and power supplies, and hot-swappable components, the 3400/3500 system offers high levels of serviceability and a field upgrade option from standard SCSI to fibre channel host connectivity.

The GigaRAID/FC 5000 is the capacity building block for the GigaRAID/FC family, providing up to 10 dual-ported, high-performance, highly available Fibre Channel disk drives in a modular chassis. The 5000 chassis can be configured in JBOD subsystems, or attached as an expansion chassis to RAID subsystems. Utilizing 4GB and 9GB drives, this unit is available in either a 10-slot rackmount, 10 deskside, or 30-slot deskside. Connectivity to host servers, hubs and switches is accomplished through single or dual 100MB/sec. Fibre Channel loops.

The GigaRAID/FC 5400/5500 is the performance building block, utilizing one or two storage processors to deliver hardware RAID protection plus excellent data throughput for sequential applications and high random I/O performance for transaction processing. The base 5400/5500 chassis includes up to 10 drives and may support up to 11 Model 5000 chassis for a total subsystem capacity of 1 terabyte. Additional high availability is ensured with field upgradable redundant power supplies and standby power modules. Connectivity to host servers, hubs, and switches is identical to the Model 5000.

The GigaRAID/FC Series includes support for Sun, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics and Windows NT servers. Sample List Pricing ranges from $54,339 for 91GB in the GigaRAID/FC 5000 chassis to $229,996 for 273GB in a GigaRAID/5500 dual-active RAID configuration with 32MB of mirrored cache.

ANDATACO, headquartered in San Diego, California, manufactures and distributes storage solutions based on its Application-Specific architecture for Windows NT and UNIX environments. The Company's open architecture solutions include RAID and RAID-ready disk arrays; tape backup and restore products; and storage management, data sharing, remote mirroring and disaster recovery software. World-class technical support and service back the Company's products and customized professional services programs. The Company distributes internally developed products, and products from other manufacturers, through a network of 23 sales offices worldwide, and through business affiliates in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada and Australia. -0-

Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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Date:Feb 11, 1998
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