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Harting's expertise is also being applied to remote condition monitoring of wind energy turbines, using the company's MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) product, a compact, lightweight and powerful industrial computing platform, which is suited to being programmed for data acquisition, analysis and distribution of parametric data for condition monitoring and maintenance planning purposes.

According to Grunwald, the MICA platform makes it possible to connect existing turbines quickly and cost effectively, adapting them for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The platform is being installed in many new-build turbines but can also be retrofitted to existing installations in the field.

With the right edge sensors for capturing the data, such parameters as the temperature of rotating axles can be captured and processed in a de-centralised way, all the data being gathered and processed on the MICA, servicing a single installation or a group of turbines. The MICA can be configured to raise alerts against different policies, such as a drift in values or the passing of a triggering threshold.

By using such a connected Internet-of-Things approach to condition monitoring, maintenance visits can be reduced and reliability increased, important factors as the number of wind turbine installations continues to increase.

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Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Dec 1, 2017
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