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Byline: Dear Coleen email

Dear Coleen I'VE been with my husband for five years and things have been rocky for the past two years, since our twins were born. We don't communicate properly any more and it feels like we're just there for the children, focusing totally on them and not making any time for ourselves.

We were always very close and on the same wavelength but now we seem to argue over everything or just not talk at all. I've suggested relationship therapy but he was offended by that and said, "Don't be ridiculous" and that he didn't need to air our dirty laundry in front of a stranger.

I can't go on like this - how can I get him to see sense before our marriage gets to the point where it can't be saved? I feel so miserable and lonely.

Coleen says I THINK he has to realise how serious you are, so you have to be really strong and say that unless he makes a commitment to work through this with you, then your marriage isn't going to last.

And you have to mean it - it's so easy to let things slip back into the routine you've become used to because it's easier than confronting the problems.

You can have counselling on your own and, maybe when he sees you making that effort, and trying to work through your feelings, he might think, "OK, she is serious" and he might also see it helping.

The bottom line is, neither of you is happy, so what's the point in just putting up with things? It's important to deal with it and not retreat to your separate corners.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 28, 2019
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