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REK Bitola started assembling main coal transport system.

REK Bitola started assembling the main coal transport system from the Brod Gneotino mine to Suvodol. In addition, an end has been put to the first stage of the modernization of the Bitola thermoelectric power station and the second system for excavation in the upper layers of the mine has been put into practice.

Vlatko Cingovski, director of the power company ELEM, says that the project worth over 65 million euros is going to raise the electricity output. The project for modernization of the thermoelectric power station Bitola, according to Cingoski, aims to raise the station's reliability and extend the exploitation life of the energy blocks by at least 120,000 working hours.

"The modernization of the energy blocks is going to reduce the dynamic and operation costs for repairs and maintenance of the power station in the coming period," Cingoski said, adding that with the modernization of the station a system for automated production regulation was implemented as well.

ELEM invested in the project 42.8 million euros of its own funds and the remaining money will be provided through a loan from Deutsche Bank with a repayment period of 10 years. The Brod Gneotino pit has 108 million tons of coal, 32 million of which are available for exploitation at a rate of 2 million tons per year.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Mar 7, 2011
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