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 LOS ANGELES, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region, announced the creation of an unprecedented public/private Technical Review Committee to review Board policies and procedures. The Committee will provide the regulated community the opportunity for early input into the formation of new regulations, as well as periodic review of existing conditions.
 The Committee was formed in response to recommendations put forward in a Water Quality Task Force Report to be released later this year. The Task Force, formed in December of 1992, was created to identify ways to reduce the cost of water quality compliance while maintaining the region's standards.
 "Our Report identified the regulated community having a limited voice in the decision-making process as one of the major deterrents to cost-effective site clean-up," stated Task Force Co-Chair Larry Zarian who continued, "this Committee will provide that voice without compromising the quality of the water in the region."
 In addition to supplementing the current public hearing process, the 13-member Committee will be responsible for establishing a standard set of guidelines for assessing and cleaning up contaminated properties. "Establishment of this Committee sends a strong message to the regulated community that the Water Board is committed to doing our part in keeping jobs in California," stated Task Force Co-Chair and Water Board Vice Chair Michael Keston. "When completed, the report will be forwarded to Secretary James Strock of the California Environmental Protection Agency and we look forward to working with the Administration to implement this process statewide as a way to further the efficiency of all State regulatory agencies.
 "What is important to understand," Keston continued, "is that assisting in the site clean-up process and providing the regulated community with an active voice will actually expedite the cleaning of the contaminated waters, slow the escalating clean-up costs passed on the public, and potentially save millions of dollars."
 "The Report identifies a number of important changes that will make the Board more user-friendly," added Cody G. Cluff, Director of Business Retention at the Economic Development Corp. who assisted in the creation and implementation of the Task Force. "While the creation of the Technical Committee won't solve all the problems identified in the Report, it's an important and symbolic first step."
 The Committee convened the first of its on-going forums on Aug. 11, 1993. A complete list of Task Force and Committee members is attached.
 Water Quality Advisory Task Force -- created in December 1992 to complete a focused review on how to reduce red tape while meeting mandates to protect water quality. Final report to be released later this year.
 -- Michael Keston - Larwin Inc.; Regional Water Board co-chair
 -- Larry Zarian - mayor, City of Glendale; Regional Water Board
 -- Dan Garcia - senior VP Warner Bros. Inc.
 -- Dorothy Green - Commissioner, Los Angeles Department of Water
 and Power
 -- Felicia Marcus - (past) president, Los Angeles Board of Public
 -- Robert H. Philibosian, Esq. - Baker & McKenzie
 -- Elizabeth Davis Rogers, Ph.D. - Pacific Earth Resources
 -- Alexis Strauss - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
 -- Ed Connolly - California Department of Commerce
 -- Thomas A. Tidemanson - Los Angeles County Director of Public
 -- Jack Witz - Radian Corp.
 Water Quality Technical Review Committee -- created at the recommendation of the Water Quality Task Force to review Board policies and procedures.
 -- Clark Boli - president, Meredith-Boli Associates Inc.
 -- Teri Copeland - snr. health chemist, McLaren Hart
 -- Mark Gold - staff scientist, Heal the Bay
 -- Dick Harris(a) - assistant executive officer, Regional Water
 Quality Board
 -- Steve Lavenger - waste mngt. supervisor, Department of
 Toxics, Cal-EPA
 -- Ron Lofy - principle vice president, Lockman & Associates/SEMPOA
 -- Pat Proano - supervising civil engineer, L.A. County Department
 of Public Works
 -- Joe Reichenberger - technical director, Engineering-Science Inc.
 -- Jeff Rosenbloom - San Gabriel Valley Superfund, U.S. EPA
 -- Roy Sakaida - suprv. water resources control eng., Regional
 Water Quality Board
 -- Jeff Sickenger - environmental controller, Western States
 Petroleum Association
 -- James Stahl - asst. chief engineer, County Sanitation Districts
 of L.A. County
 -- Hank Yacoub - suprv. water resources control eng., Regional Water
 Quality Board
 (a) Technical review committee chair.
 -0- 9/2/93
 /CONTACT: Michael Keston, 818-986-8890; or Cody G. Cluff, 213-462-5111/

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