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REFLEX INSTRUMENT - the home of borehole surveying.


Reflex Instrument was established in 1984, when its main product was Fotobor. In 1990 there was a change of ownership where Teeness A/S, Norway, took over the company. That year also saw the introduction of the Reflex Maxibor camera. Further major events and product introductions include:

* 1996 introduction of Reflex EMS (Electronic MultiShot)

* 1998 introduction of Reflex EZ-Shot (Electronic Single Shot)

* 1998 Teeness A/S sold Reflex Instrument to Yngve Lennerstrand (managing director)

* 2001 Aldano became new partner. Introduction of Reflex EMS II (Electronic Solid State MultiShot). Reflex Instrument was introduced to the oil market.

Reflex Instrument is a leading manufacturer in the world of instruments for borehole surveying. We offer our customers a complete programme of products and services for borehole surveying by sales or rental/leasing. Reflex Instrument is marketing its products within the following market segments:

* Exploration

* Mining

* Tunnelling

* Ground Engineering

* Offshore/Oil Drilling

Products and choosing the right too/

Reflex Instrument AB is presently manufacturing following instruments:

A) Reflex EZ-Shot, Electronic Single Shot

B) Reflex EMS, Electronic solid state MultiShot

C) Reflex Maxibor, Electronic, non-magnetic, survey probe

Which Reflex product will do the job?

Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right survey system for the job in hand.

All drillholes deviate from the plan. How significant it is for you depends on your current project.

If you are tunnelling and drilling holes for grouting then the quality of the grout curtain and the safety in the tunnel is depending on the pattern of the holes. Which you have to know.

If you are drilling in a mine and using the assay data for ore resource calculation then it is best for the future of the mine (and yours) that the program connects the ore intersections correctly.

Instruments that give you both azimuth and inclination angles or the x-y-z coordinates of a number of stations along your drill hole are what you obviously need. The bore-hole survey instruments manufactured by the Swedish Reflex Instrument AB reduce your risk and optimise the amount of drilling. They let you concentrate on the drilling, where the money is made through efficient operation.

The electronic single shot of Reflex, the Reflex EZ-Shot, is best used when you need a limited number of surveys quickly in a nonmagnetic environment. You get the angles you need on the display of the tool directly after recovery from survey station.

If you need a large number of readings, either dense or in long holes, then you should use the new Electronic Solid State Multishot, the Reflex EMS. A computer takes care of the graphical presentation after the recordings have been downloaded. As all survey instruments based on the orientation of the earth's magnetic field also the EMS is interfering with magnetic casing, construction steel and magnetite ore. Only the horizontal azimuth angle is affected.

For accurate surveys under magnetically disturbed conditions the Reflex Maxibor is the only tool in addition to gyro that works. The Maxibor calculates the bending of the hole with the help of reflecting light beams in a steel tube and turns that to x-y-z coordinates. Deviation from a straight line is given with an accuracy of 1:1000. (1 mm/1 m of hole). Again a PC rakes care of the graphical presentation.

Other advantages of this robust and reiable tool include:

* Solid state tool, double "0" ring sealed body.

* More than 100,000 metres (330,000 ft) surveyed without downtime.

* Straightforward operation by thr rig crew.

* Cut Your Time and Costs.

* You don't need pull rods.

* Survey every 3 metres at 20 minutes per 100 metres (330.ft) - depending upon rig.

* Battery and software give ten hours work in any number of holes.

* Battery and software give ten hours work in any number of holes.

* You see the results immediately on site after probe recovery.

The easy-to-use, money-saving Reflex tools are available all over the world through dedicated and qualified local Support Centres. The options available are purchase, lease or rental according to client's needs.
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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