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RED-C Introduces the Hybrid Raman-EDFA for Coherent Networks.

TEL-AVIV, Israel -- RED-C Optical Networks Ltd. (RED-C), a leading provider of EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all optical network applications, today announced the launch of the Hybrid Raman-EDFA module, a key enabling technology for 100/40 Gb/s coherent networks.

The Hybrid module consists of a counter-propagating Raman pump unit tightly integrated with a variable gain EDFA, to provide exceptionally low noise figure and excellent gain flatness, two imperative parameters for ultra-long haul and high bit-rate systems. The unique combination of low NF (1.5-3 dB) and gain flatness (<0.7 dB pk-pk) allows the link reach to be at least doubled in comparison to systems based on traditional EDFAs.

The optimization and tight integration of the Raman pump unit and the variable gain EDFA in a single module allows for improved performance compared to using two separate modules, in addition to the cost and space savings achieved by combining the two units together. Furthermore, the integrated Hybrid control circuitry operates in advanced AGC mode so that the combined Raman and EDFA gain is accurately controlled, including fast transient suppression. This is achieved by measuring the actual Raman gain in real time and adjusting the EDFA gain accordingly.

The module operation and interface are similar to those of a traditional variable gain EDFA, and therefore requires no special system adaptations. The module also incorporates laser safety mechanisms, ensuring that both the Hybrid Raman-EDFA module itself and the network in which it is installed can be classified as Class 1M products with respect to laser safety.

Yossi Boker, RED-C President & CEO commented: "RED-C's Hybrid Raman-EDFA module is an important milestone in the progress of optical amplifiers. By implementing RED-C's expertise in both the EDFA and the Raman fields, RED-C has succeeded in launching this unique amplifier which provides excellent performance and ease of integration into next-generation coherent and 100/40 Gb/s systems. The Hybrid Raman-EDFA amplifier further emphasizes RED-C's commitment to excellence and technology leadership."

For further information on RED-C's Hybrid Raman-EDFA solutions, visit us at ECOC 2010, Torino, 20-22 September, stand 225.

About RED-C

RED-C Optical Networks Ltd. ( is a leading provider of state-of-the-art EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all network segments (long haul, regional, metro and access) and for all network applications (telecom, cable and enterprise). Beside a broad variety of EDFA and Raman modules, RED-C offers innovative and comprehensive solutions for some of the industry's most difficult technological challenges today, such as 100/40 Gb/s coherent transmission, ultra-long repeaterless links, and low latency networks.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 13, 2010
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