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RED-C Introduces the Compact Variable Gain 70x90mm EDFA.

TEL-AVIV, Israel -- RED-C Optical Networks Ltd. (RED-C), a leading provider of EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all optical network applications, today announced the launch of the Compact 70x90 Variable Gain EDFA.

This full featured variable gain (VG) EDFA module is provided in a compact 70x90mm footprint package and is software and hardware compatible to standard Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) 70x90 Fixed Gain (FG) EDFAs. Thus, it can be easily mounted on any existing line card designed to accommodate MSA FG EDFAs. The amplifier provides a large dynamic gain range, superior gain flatness and very low noise figure over all its operation conditions. The fast AGC digital control electronics provides very stable gain and excellent transient suppression.

RED-C's introduction of the VG EDFA in a 70x90mm footprint package enables a flexible approach to amplifier design, whereby FG and VG EDFAs can be mixed and matched on the same line card to support all amplifier configurations, such as: single stage, dual-stage with mid-stage access, and East/ West separation for ROADM applications.

Yossi Boker, RED-C President & CEO commented: "the compact VG EDFA is another building block in RED-C's comprehensive amplification portfolio, aimed to equip our customers with the best and most diversified amplification tools. By reducing hardware costs, footprint, and power consumption, the compact VG EDFA allows our customers to better meet their system design challenges."

For further information on the Compact Variable Gain 70x90mm EDFA solution visit us at OFC 2010, San Diego, 23-25 March, booth 2824.

About RED-C

RED-C Optical Networks Ltd. ( is a leading provider of state-of-the-art EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all network segments (long haul, regional, metro and access) and for all network applications (telecom, cable and enterprise). Beside a broad variety of EDFA and Raman modules, RED-C offers innovative and comprehensive solutions for some of the industry's most difficult technological challenges today, such as ultra long repeaterless links, 100Gb/s and 40Gb/s transmission networks.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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