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Red Hat, Inc. has unveiled Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15, the latest version of its highly scalable and agile cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. Based on the OpenStack community's Stein release, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 adds performance and cloud security enhancements and expands the platform's ecosystem of supported hardware, helping IT organizations to more quickly and more securely support demanding production workloads. Given the role of Linux as the foundation for hybrid cloud, customers can also benefit from a more secure, flexible and intelligent Linux operating system underpinning their private cloud deployments with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

As organizations forge ahead in digital transformation journeys, operationally efficient and agile IT deployments are a cornerstone of success. The latest release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform helps to fuel these efforts by bringing together community-powered innovations with enterprise- ready stability and support. Organizations using Red Hat OpenStack Platform can deliver innovation more quickly in order to gain competitive advantages and better meet evolving customer demands.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 delivers:

- A powerful platform for emerging workloads like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), through support for NVIDIA GPU/vGPUs for near- real time decision-making.

- Enhanced security without sacrificing performance through improved crypto offload for IPSec VPN to NICs, delivering both increased scale and bandwidth for production workloads.

- Greater network performance via an enhanced TCP stack for modern network applications, helping to improve application uptime as well as workload security.

- Expanded customer choice through multiple architectures with support for IBM POWER9 LE PowerVM hardware, adding more options for resilient infrastructure.

- Hardware Security Module (HSM) backend support for enhanced key generation and management, through supported dedicated hardware solutions offering more secure and centralized cryptographic messaging.

Integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 is built on the backbone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, the newest version of the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. A more intelligent, flexible and more secure operating system designed to span the hybrid cloud, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 provides a solid foundation upon which to build OpenStack innovations and provides consistency of operations across enterprise IT footprints. In addition to serving as the basis for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 guests are now supported for existing customers on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 long-life release.

The road ahead for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

As OpenStack matures, the cadence of innovation must reflect the ability and desire of enterprise IT organizations to consume and deploy new releases. To better serve the needs of our customers running Red Hat OpenStack Platform in production, future versions of the platform will be supported as long-life releases. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 is the final short-life release, with support for a total of one year.

Empowering customers across industries

Red Hat OpenStack Platform, combined with Red Hat's open source leadership, can provide a consistent experience across services, support, consumption model and lifecycle management, helping to empower IT teams across industries. Hundreds of customers rely on Red Hat OpenStack Platform to power their hybrid and private clouds for a variety of deployments, including Rakuten; Public Health England; Turkcell; Cathay Pacific; IAG; Massachusetts Open Cloud; Paddy Power Betfair; and Tata Communications.


Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 will be available in the coming days via the Red Hat Customer Portal for Red Hat OpenStack Platform customers with active subscriptions.

About Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Red Hat helps customers integrate new and existing IT applications, develop cloud-native applications, standardize on our industry-leading operating system, and automate, secure, and manage complex environments.

For more information, visit or call 252/622-8406.
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